iPhone No Sound Problem/ Issues Steps and Solutions

If you have no sound on your iPhone 3 / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C/ iPhone 6 and 6 Plus volume bar it is unbelievably frustrating as you most probably already know. I have been looking for cures over the web there are many out there, below you will find a list of all these including the one that worked for me. Also the list is in chronological order of what seems to be most successful. It is a process of elimination but it has to be done.

The symptoms of iPhone no sound Problem/ Issues include:
– iPhone will ring but speaker will not work for anything else.
– iPhone no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc
– iPhone no sound as stuck in headphone mode
Follow these steps and hopefully your iPhone will be back to its prior glory.

iPhone No Sound Step 1,

Loud/ Silent switch on exterior of iPhone is switched to silent mode which is orange. If so flick the other way to loud mode. This is a step that so many people miss, but it is the most simplest.

iPhone No Sound Step 2,

Restart the iPhone. Hold the power switch and home button together for 10 seconds. This will restart your iPhone, you wil not lose any media, contacts, data, etc. If there is a temporary glitch on the iPhone this will eliminate that glitch. Also if there is a glitch this may help terminate a temporary glitch

iPhone No Sound Step 3,

Reset iPhone. Go to settings> general> reset> reset all settings. Make sure to backup your iPhone to the cloud / iTunes as this will wipe your media, music and apps although photos will be left on the iPhone. This is a follow on to step 2 and another way you will be able to eliminate the glitch on the iPhone.

iPhone No Sound Step 4,

This one is a bit weird but it worked for me for a while and has worked successfully for other people. Squeeze the bottom right hand corner of the phone above where the speaker is. The left Side is a mic not a speaker so don’t worry about that side. Hold that grip for about 20 seconds. This is done as the connector may be loose and had to be repositioned correctly. Yes strange but most of these solutions are.

iPhone No Sound Step 5,

Use a tooth brush to clean the docking area where you charge your iPhone. With dirt, dust, grime and so on it may block the connectors working correctly and makes the phone think it is on a music dock. When you do this do it gently and get the bristles into there good. Also if you use rubbing alcohol, acetone or methylated spirits it will help get all the extra dirt out. As these products evaporate it will not do damage to the connectors. Do not use mineral terps when cleaning as it is oil based and will not dry!! This seems to be one of the most successful solutions.

iPhone No Sound Step 6,

Get your headphones and insert them into the headphone jack and then quickly pull them out. Continue this for a couple of minutes as sometimes it gets stuck in headphone mode so this normally undoes that. Also this may remove any dust or grime that may have been lodged in there.


You can also view a comprehensive tutorial to fix the iPhone sound issue here

iPhone No Sound Step 7,

Restore your iPhone on iTunes. Click on your iPhone icon when plugged into iTunes and go to restore. If you do this make sure your iPhone is backed up as YOU will loose all data, media, contacts, pics, and so on. This puts your iPhone back to factory settings. This is similar to step 3 as it is a full reset of the device, this should help eliminate any glitch that have have come out in a recent update such as iOS7 or iOS8. Also when doing this step check for updates.

iPhone No Sound Step 8,

Jailbreak your iPhone to find the file directories that are causing the fault. By doing this you are deleting the file that is making the iPhone think it is on a dock. You will still be able to use music docking station etc. If you have a jail broken iPhone or willing to do it then this will be the best option for you. Very simple video and easy to follow, to jailbreak follow my simple tutorial.

iPhone No Sound Step 9,

This worked for me!! The squeezing step worked for me for a small amount of time. Not much else worked so thought I would try my own cure…. An old hair dryer!! Turn on low heat and hover over the speaker outlet for about 5 minutes. I also did the headphone jack as well. There must of been some residual moisture build up which the hair dryer eliminated. The speaker was sputtering on and off during this time but finally came to life :)

iPhone No Sound Step 10,

It may be a hardware problem and simply need to get a replacement through your provider or apple support. This no sound and speaker is getting more known know by Apple there is a good chance you may get a replacement or a hardware fix.

iPhone No Sound Step 11,

If iPhone still has no sound there is always ultimate elimination… Not endorsed. See below….

**** UPDATE **** 16/03/14

Thank you everyone for such an overwhelming response! Also to those that have put up there own solutions that have worked for there iPhones. Initially when I created this website I did not envision the large response of people with the same issues. So here are some new solutions and steps that are popular on the comment feed.

iPhone No Sound Solution

iphone no sound solution

As dirt and grime like to build up in the charging connectors of the iPhone it is necessary to clean it out. Similar to the step with cleaning it with a toothbrush you will be using compressed air instead. The best and easiest way you can do this is to blow air out your mouth with a good force into where the iPhone would get charged. Do this for 1 minute to insure that it removes any dust or dirt particles. After that, plug and unplug your charger into the slot about 5-10 times.

iPhone No Sound Solution 

iphone no sound solution

This is similar to the step above but you will be cleaning out the headphone jack on the iPhone instead of the charging connectors. As above blow into the headphone jack for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, this should vanish any dust or dirt that is lodged in there. Once that is done insert a ear bud/ q tip into the headphone jack and twist for about 30 seconds.  That should dislodge any other dirt or grime that the blowing process may have missed.


These are just some of the steps I have found and come up with which have shown success for iPhones with no sound. Hope they help :)


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  1. Cherie

    Hello, I went into Settings and turned off Lock Sounds and the sounds came back! Thank you!

  2. Robert stauffer

    Thank You, I did #4 squeeze the bottom right hand side of phone, and it brought all my sounds back, alarm, phone ring , text etc….

  3. Lee

    Great, tried all these methods but it was the blowing and sucking that worked for me. Ridculous thing to have to do on a brand new phone! I have the option period of 28 days in which to exchange this phone for a new one! Think I’ll give persevere. :-)

  4. khady

    I laughed a lot, but STEP 4, squeezing the bottom right hand corner was the solution to my no sound problem… I cleaned it like crazy, as this was the solution that I found all over the web… but this didn´t work for me… well, it worked afterwards, as now I can hear everything louder because it is clean!

  5. Sara Parker

    I tried ALL of the ideas. Spent the better part of two days trying to get my sound back. Finally got so frustrated that I slammed my phone against the wall twice. Sound is fine now!

  6. ryan r

    Squeezing it worked!

  7. Vishal

    My dock connector 2 pins are separate from it does it make no sounds from speaker

  8. Vishal

    My iphone4 I tried all ways but it’s not working what should I do I m from nepal

  9. Sarel

    I did all the steps but nothing, then tried step 4 2 or 3 times and eventually it worked, great, thnx

  10. saranya

    thank you so much .. i did the 5th step you mentioned it does works..

  11. aman singh


  12. Morgan

    None of these has worked for me unfortunately

  13. Karen

    None of those fixes worked for me. What finally did? In desperation I connected a Bluetooth headset, which worked fine and when I disconnected the Bluetooth, voila! My sound was working. Seems like the headphone jack software was not disconnecting and maybe by connecting the Bluetooth it fixed that.

  14. Dana

    Omg! Squeezing the bottom corners worked!!

  15. sanjay thakur

    Before when I used to increase volume it used to increase but now volume of headphone increase.

  16. Wendy

    It really work god bless u for these

  17. Wendy

    Every body try number 2

  18. Jaskirat

    Hi ,the solution worked on my phone is great .. I did turn of lock sound in settings and it worked … Wowwww. M very happy :)

  19. promod

    this help me to solve the sound problem in my i phone 5. step 4 is quite wired but it worked in my phone. before doing step 4 i tried all possible ways, i reset my i phone twice without removing data and after with removing all data as well . but it did not work at all. but step 4 is quite wired but it works in many people. thanks

  20. Thiruselvam

    Hi, I am using IPhone 3GS past 2 years its good only but last week what happen suddenly not working speakers only vibrated several steps I used but not working speakers please help me and my contact no. 8951521288

  21. Chris Touhey

    Tried all of them but none worked!!! HELP!!!!!!

  22. DJ

    Chris, I posted this in the comments last year, perhaps it could help.

    Open the voice memo app, click on the blue speaker icon to turn it white. exit the app and everything was working ok.

  23. Vadrevu simhachalam

    App’s sound is not working if working with voice call only

  24. Vanessa

    It was a simple is re-booting for my phone, so often the solution, very happy to have fully functional device again!

  25. Ian

    I fixed it quite easily, the problem is as described in Step 1 but the solution was more complicated because in General settings, the “loud/silent” for me is set to make it the “lock/unlock”. If that is the case for you, check those settings, but first pull up from the bottom in case you muted your device using the 5th of the five buttons in the center.

  26. Sari gallegos

    I Just thought I would pass this on. My volume was fine with maps and then suddenly would only work for calls. Directions stopped and YouTube was silent. Somewhere someone posted about adjusting the volume during a podcast. (I have searched and can’t find the link where I saw it,sorry I can’t attribute the tip to the person who helped me)
    Anyways. It worked immediately. I Had already muted and immuted, checked blue tooth and airlock, turned the phone off and on, and pressed on the lower right corner of the phone for 30 seconds to no avail! I Had to download a podcast to do it, but as soon as I pressed the phone volume button while the podcast was running silently the volume blazed on full force. Hope this helps someone else!

  27. E foley

    Thanks so much. Step #4 actually worked.

  28. rogerthat54

    Squeezing for 20 seconds, step 4 actually worked for me too. Tried other steps without success. Hard to believe but that solution works

  29. Emelia L.

    Help! My iPhone 5c is barely even a month old and it’s already messed up! I tried playing music, but my phone won’t make any sound. It won’t even ring if I’m getting a call. It only works if it’s connected to a Bluetooth speaker or if I have my headphones plugged in. I’m thinking the speaker is blown but I have no clue. What do I do??

  30. Jon C

    Perfectm that little “invisible” switch in point one was indeed set to silent “orange”.
    Fixed in a second, thanks very much for the help

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