Build a minimilist WordPress Site in under 20 Minutes

Build a minimalist WordPress Site in under 20 Minutes

You may may asking how was this website made? Or for any website for that matter. Well in reality it really isn’t that difficult, actually its really easy. In fact the hardest thing you will encounter is making unique and interesting content that people will search for.

Well simply put there are 3 factors that you need to account for when build a website. These include.

  1.  Hosting account (Host Gator)
  2. Domain provider (GoDaddy)
  3. Building format (WordPress)

These are the 3 things that you should research and things that are critical in building a website. The above suggestions of the providers are the ones I use and I do not receive any money on recommendations. They are just really reliable and affordable platforms to start building a website.

You can also watch a in-depth tutorial on making a website from start to finish which also includes mobile formatting for iPhone and Android devices to gain more traffic.

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