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No Sound Or Volume On iPhone7 iOS10 – How To Fix

iPhone7 no sound

With the introduction of the much anticipated and rumoured iPhone7/ iPhone7 Plus and iOS10, iPhone addicts are jumping for joy. However with the new introduction of these latest iPhones there are likely to be some sound/ volume/ audio issues as there is no headphone jack. So if you are experiencing no sound or volume on …

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iPhone 6 is Frozen – How To Fix

iPhone 6 Frozen Fix In this day and age, everyone has a cell phone. They are expected to let our lives be easier by helping with organization of our schedules and allowing us to stay contacted with others. Therefore when your iPhone 6 freezes up on you, your life is stopped to a standstill. When …

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How to Upload Photos or Videos from iPhone to Dropbox

Upload photos or videos from iPhone to Dropbox. Uploading files from your iPhone to the Dropbox app is easy but it’s one of those things you have to be shown in order to know. As of early 2016 this is how you upload photos or videos to Dropbox thru your iPhone. Hopefully future updates will …

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Dropped iPad into Water Fluid Pool – How to Fix

So you’ve dropped your iPad in some type of fluid? This can include your child dipping it into a bowl of milk or throwing it into a puddle or even a toilet. What ever the case you probably want to save the iPad from any water damage that may occur. There are a few different …

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iPhone Screen Has Gone Black and Blank But Still Responding – Fix

iPhone Screen Has Gone Black and Blank But Still Responding – Fix There have been numerous reports of iPhone and iPad screens and displays blacking out or just going blank. While the screen goes black the iPhone is still responding with incoming calls, notification sounds and vibrations. This issue tends to arise when the iPhone …

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