Dropped iPad into Water Fluid Pool – How to Fix

So you’ve dropped your iPad in some type of fluid? This can include your child dipping it into a bowl of milk or throwing it into a puddle or even a toilet. What ever the case you probably want to save the iPad from any water damage that may occur. There are a few different steps you can take to limit any issues it may cause to the iPad. Some problems you can come across is moisture in the screen and the lens, iPad won’t turn on or will turn on for only a few minutes, muffled sound or no sound, screen glitches and many more.

Here are some solutions you can do to fix your iPad or to stop any permanent damage happening.

Dropped iPad in water step 1.


Rice is your friend, if you ever happen to drop a smart device into water then rice is a great tool to remove any moisture that may have accumulated. Things you need are dry rice, and a container or sealed bag your iPad will fit in. First thing you want to do is to turn off the iPad if you already haven’t and also remove the SIM card if applicable. If there is still water on or around the iPad simply use a paper towel or absorbent material to pat away any excess fluid. Then place the iPad in the container or bag with rice, more the better. Now comes the waiting game, there is no set time on how long to leave the iPad in the rice but over 24 hours is recommended.

Dropped iPad in water step 2.

dropped iPad into water or fluid how to fix
If you don’t have the above materials then that’s ok. This is a similar step in that you want to put your iPad in a dry area if possible. Before doing so turn the iPad off and remove the SIM card if there is one. If you have a dry pantry or hot water cubbord these places are best. It’s also preferred to wrap the iPad in a dry paper towel or similar material to help the process. Also leaving the iPad sit over night is a best practise.

Dropped iPad in water step 3.


Another good method worth trying if none of the above steps have worked is to use cotton wool buds. Any cotton wool buds will do the trick, once you’ve found a few pinch the ends to narrow the cotton wool end. This is done as it allows you to penetrate the charging port and the headphone jack. Next you want to throughly clean all ports on the iPhone, doing this cleaning process should eliminate any residual water, moisture or fizzy drink that had gotten into the iPhone.

Dropped iPad in water step 4.

remove moisture from iPad

Similar to steps 1 and 2 for eliminating the water from the iPhone using rice or a paper towel, another good alternative is to use silica packets. These are the things you get when you buy a new pair of shoes. If you can’t find any silica packs around, empty shoes boxes are a great place to look. Try and find as may as you can and repeat the same process from step 1 but instead of the rice use the silica packs.

Dropped iPad in water step 5.

use hair dryer to remove water from iPad
This is a last resort solution that has been recommend by some readers but with a warning attached to it. If none of the above steps have worked there is a method of applying heat to the iPad by using a hair dryer. Caution! If you still have some risidule water or fluids in the iPad still this this may do more damage than good. Try at your own risk. If you are to do this step apply heat on low setting for 5-10 minutes. Have the hairdryer at a fair distance so it doesn’t over heat the iPad, you want to warm the device not cook it. You can repeat this method several times if necessary.
If any of these steps are have helped the problem of dropping iPad in water then please share before on how you fixed your iPad. Also if you have come up with your own solution or fix please share as it helps all the other readers😄

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