How to Boost or Increse iPhone Sound make iPhone sound louder

How to Boost or Increase iPhone Sound

After seeing heaps of app’s that claim to boost your iPhone sound whether its jail broken or not made me to write this. The sound that is admitted from your iPhone on full is the most your going to get from the speaker alone. For some reason people are thinking that the iPhone developers short changed them with not allowing the full sound potential.

Unfortunately the only way your going to be able to boost iPhone sound is by using an amplifier whether its home made or purchased. Here I will give you the best rated and simplest home made amplifiers that you will be able to use to boost iPhone sound.

Home made iPhone sound booster # 1

For this one all you will need is a toilet roll and a knife to cut a  opening through the roll. First measure the the length of the iPhone across the toilet roll then cut an opening about the width of your pinky finger. Once the opening is cut gently force the iPhone in so it is tight. This is a really ghetto way to boost iPhone but if you need that little bit extra this will work.

Home made iPhone sound booster # 2

I saw this one on lifehacker as the best rated iPhone home made sound booster. Compared to glass and ceramic cups this came out on top and appeared to by a lot clearer. Very self explanatory just drop your iPhone in a clean paper cup with the speaker facing down. This way it will reverberate the maximum amount of sound sound waves out of the cup.

Alternatively you could snipe out some good iPhone speakers. Here is a 2012 CNET review on the best iPhone speakers on the market at the moment

These two home made iPhone boosters seem to be the most successful and boosting your iPhone sound. If you have though of or have made one that is good leave a comment below. Also if you have tried any of these did they help boos your iPhone sound?



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  1. Janice Japp

    Iphone losing sound despite doing all sound tests

  2. mona lovero

    I tryed all methods with sound coming in and out and now I have that horn on my screen in white and the bars and echoe in black and its on all things lol

  3. Prrem Prakash

    I purchased i phone 5 in feb.2013 but from yesterday my speaker is not working can you help me I can not speak without speaker i tried all methods.

  4. Renu

    My iPhone 4 is giving sound trouble. I can hear the person I call but they can’t hear mr. Help

  5. Mr Jeam Marc Yow Chok Nee

    I’m getting problem with my IPhone 4S. When I call someone, they can hear me but I cannot hear them & when I press Volume, it’s written Ringer Headphones. Pls help me fixing it. Thanks.

  6. shane

    “this accessory is not optimized for this i phone” this massage always displaying on my i phone…but i havent pluged any thing to my i phone.i have cleaned docconnecter to..please help me

  7. Sylviafranklin

    iPad. Sound. Is. Not. Working

  8. John

    For those people with iPhone4 issues where you can hear them but they can’t hear you – search youtube for the ‘IPhone paper fix’. It requires inserting a bit of cardboard inside the phone to (supposedly) create better contacts. It worked for my phone. Cheers!

  9. Caitlin

    No sound is coming from my iPhone4 at all. Please Help !

  10. Raj

    my i phone 4s all side id ok.but i just paly audio/video song i don.t hear phone speaker
    you know my call.ring tone sms tone ok.
    than i call volume up n down.but song paly volume not up n down…

  11. Ahsan

    My prob same plz help me for 4s all ok but music YouTube and etc not workin but ringtone alarm skype workin what I will do plz help me

  12. sandeep kumar

    Please i phone sound incoming

  13. Robert Dilley

    My phone worked fine till Apple sent an up date to it for 7.1. That is when all my sounds guit working. I think we should all sue Apple

  14. Christina

    Sound problem, no incoming ringetones, no alarm Sounds and no you tube. No sound generally. iPhone 4’s. And it is not on silent

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