How to choose streaming resolution on Netflix for a Mac e.g. 4K

How to choose streaming resolution on Netflix for a Mac e.g. 4K

If your a frequent Netflix user you most probably have encountered various streaming resolutions from 480p up to 4K. This is all dependant on the internet speeds at the current time you are watching. These speeds can vary on how much demand there is at any particular time. From there Netflix will appropriate a resolution to which it will allow you to stream with no or minimal lag/ buffering time. If you were looking to manually choose your streaming resolution it isn’t apparent from any switches unlike YouTube.

Fortunately thanks to the Reddit community they have uncovered some hidden shortcuts that may your Netflix experience more enjoyable.To bring up control you can try this command while watching any video. This can be used on a Mac using OS X Yosemite with Safari browser.


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 8.32.53 pm


Once the command box opens you will be able to access the frame rate, bitrate and of course the buffering speed the current video your watching it playing at. Since Netflix wants to compete with other networks and tv services it is hugely important for them to provide this automated service. But as  internet speeds and monitors are advancing it is worth keeping an eye on Netflix to see if it will introduce a built in option for buffering speeds.


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