How to easily jailbreak and customize your iPhone or iPad very easy tutorial

How to easily jailbreak and customize your iPhone iPad

This is going to be a really simple and easy tutorial on jailbreaking your iPhone iPad along with easy customization. After having my iPhone 4 for 2 years I finally convinced myself to jailbreak my iPhone 4. I thought why not jailbreak my iPhone 4 as I will be upgrading likely to the iPhone5 or the Samsung Galaxy s3 depending on what the new iPhone is like. Regretfully I wished that I had done it sooner as my iPhone 4 now feels like a completely new phone that I enjoy a lot more and find myself spending more time on.

This how to that I will be showing you will be absolutely simple and easy to follow for beginner or intermediate iPhone / iPod / iPad user. I have broken this tutorial up into videos that I have found across YouTube that are simple, provide the relevant information and walk you through the steps. OK lets get started.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone / iPod.

This video from CNET is so simple and easy to follow, it will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone / iPod / iPad in just a few minutes. This is the video I used and followed and worked like a charm.

Step 2: Set up Cydia on iPhone / iPod

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone / iPod you will now be able to customize to your hearts content. This is done through an app called Cydia which comes pre installed when you jailbreak your iPhone / iPod / iPad. Once you watch this video you will have a very good understanding on how to set up everything to start customizing your iPhone / iPod. The sources in this video you will find below.

Jailbreak Cydia Sources

Installous Resource

Step 3: Customize your iPhone / iPod

After Cydia is set up you will now be able to customize your iPhone / iPod / iPad. That includes short cuts from the lock screen, your own customized pull down notification centre, apps you cant get on apple app store, add extra apps to home screen, shrink apps, change default browser, change your theme and the list goes on and on. Below there are 2 videos on lock screen themes and top Cydia apps and tweaks that will get you started.

Hopefully you have a good feel of how jailbreaking works and that you can now customize your iPhone / iPod / iPad to your own style and feel. Below I have some screen shots of how my jailbroken iPhone after I followed these steps. If you have any questions on the themes, tweaks, short cuts or if your are having any difficulties comment below.



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  1. Christan

    Nice videos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. virta pay

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for curncy exchange

  3. Kadie

    This would be helpful IF I HAD SOUND!!!

  4. Mark

    Would doing this correct the “no sound issue” on a iPhone4s?

  5. Volker Beckmann

    I have no sound on my 4s. I have the same question as Mark.

  6. Lisaan

    Would this help with the no sound on my 4s? I have the same question as Mark and Volker.

  7. Wilma

    Can u do jailbreak without a computer

  8. Keisha

    Mine actually helped if your IPhone 4s-6c says only headphones when you try to turn your volume up I went over to my cousins house and played with them I left my phone on charge I came back and my phone volume said ringer I was so happy so try this if none above helped you just plug it in and leave it plugged maybe about 1 hour or 2 it should work .. Hope it helps you

  9. Ariel

    when I launch the absinthe app and plug in my phone, it says “Error getting product version (lockdownd error -3)” how do I fix this?

  10. Ariel

    i figured it out. its jailbroken.. but the sound still doesn’t work.. so frustrating!!

  11. Winnie

    Am still having problem with my phone; no sound even after trying several options above apart from resetting.Pls assist, I don’t want to lose my data.

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