How to remove predictive text keyboard in ios8 easy fix

How to remove predictive text in iOS8

Whether you hate it or love it predictive text is here to stay in the latest iOS8 update for the Apple iPhone. There has been a flood of complaints from users who claim that it is unresponsive, buggy and just plainly horrible at predicting text.  Also with the smaller screen on the iPhone 5 / 5S 5/C and iPhone 4 / 4S it chews up quite a lot of valuable real estate.

At first I was searching through the settings on the iPhone to see if you could disable the predictive text, which ended with no result. But the solution couldn’t be more simple and you would likely never notice it unless told.

step 1

Firstly open a App that supports text writing such as messages or notes. Once the predictive text bar appears you want to hold your finger down on any of the predictive words that are shown. You will only need to hold it for a few seconds, while still having your finger pressed down in the same area you will need to swipe down. If done correctly it should minimize it completely only leaving a thin line above the keyboard.

step 2

If you decide you miss the predictive text bar you can always revert it back to normal. Similar to above, you want to hold your finger on the thin bar located above the keyboard. Then you want to slide up and the predictive text bar should reappear. In usual Apple fashion you have to discover these short cuts.

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  1. Diane applegate

    My predictive keyboard disappears on its own and I can’t get it back. There is no bar to slide up

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