HTC No Sound or Speaker How to Fix

Sound and Speaker not working on HTC One how to fix

There have been several reports and issues that are popping up with sound and speaker problems on the HTC One, HTC One XL and HTC Desire and other HTC devices. With any smartphone device there will be sound issues no matter what device you own. Some issues that you may be encountering include no sound with headphones speaker, YouTube, games and the music player. Thankfully the fixes are pretty similar across the board, below are some simple and tested steps and fixes that may resolve the no sound and speaker issue.

Sound and Speaker fix Step 1

This one is pretty simple but make sure the silent mode isn’t on and the sound is turned up, I know that I have been guilty of that a few times.

Sound and Speaker fix Step 2

This solution seems to be quite successful across the board, so what you want to do is insert your headphones into the headphone jack and then pull them back out. You want to repeat this for about 30 seconds. This is done as sometimes the phone thinks it is in headphone mode and this should eliminate the glitch.

Sound and Speaker fix Step 3

Similar to the above step you want to clean the headphone jack with a cotton wool bud or a toothbrush, this should remove any dust or grime that has accumulated in there. So if there was a good amount of dirt it may be blocking that connectors resulting in a bad connection.

Sound and Speaker fix Step 4

Also there may be a glitch within the device itself so try a restart by going into the settings app.

Sound and Speaker fix Step 5

Another step that seems to be quite successful is going into settings and turning off and on or disabling the beats audio.

If any of these steps or solutions have fixed your no sound or speaker issue then please share what did as it really does help. Thanks!


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  1. nico

    Disabled some t-mob bloatware and live wallpaper,teeter,amazon,dropbox for HTC sense.have not had no issue since.

  2. nico

    Disabled some t-mob bloatware and live wallpaper,teeter,amazon,dropbox for HTC one sense.have not had no issue since.

  3. Anon

    None of that worked and it’s both of my speakers that aren’t working. I’m starting to have trouble talking when someone calls me

  4. George Doolin

    step four worked for me

  5. srinivasan

    My HTC 626 mobile phone is not working in loudspeaker how this solves? plz tell me

  6. Sunshine

    Step 4, shutting it down and Restart worked!

  7. jhoy

    my htc sometimes no sound the audio and unable to process the video. please help?

  8. Mst

    Step 2 worked for me.
    Thanks a bunch!!

  9. tobias

    I do reset my phone it is when the sound lost.

  10. ritesh

    Same. On my phone..please help new

  11. sherman

    None worked for me need help

  12. Brendon

    Do you have it auto connecting to any Bluetooth devices like a soundbar? Mine connects to a Philips soundbar and no sound comes from the speakers until Bluetooth is switched off.

  13. sherman

    No I can’t watch YouTube or play my music

  14. NTMan

    I use a streamer for hearing Aids, it uses Bluetooth and allows me to talk when phone is in my pocket, turned streamer off, and now sound on phone speakers.

  15. Mohammad Muneeb

    soup fell on my HTC one m9 and after that my phone stuck on handsfree mode I’ve tried allot with that plugging and unplugging headphones but it still not working

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