iPhone has no sound after dropping in water toilet wet how to fix

iPhone has no sound after dropping in water /toilet/ wet.

One of the worst possible feeling you can have as an iPhone owner is dropping it in water. This can include puddles, pools, cups, the ocean, washing machine and more frequently the toilet. Because we all know going to the toilet without your iPhone turns out to be the difference between life and death.

What to do if you have dropped your iPhone in water? So if you have dropped you iPhone in one of the above areas then there may be some temporary issues. The first issue you may encounter is that your iPhone will have no sound or the speaker will stop working. This is not specific to certain iPhones, it will plague all devices including iPhone 3G/ iPhone 4/ 4S / iPhone 5/ 5S / 5C and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Even though all these devices are engineered to such minute detail, when you drop one in water it can be a loosing battle unless you have an awesome case.

Below are some steps and solutions that will help fix your iPhone if it gets water logged and looses its sound or the speaker stops working. These steps are listed in chronological order of what seems to be most successful. One thing important which applies to all these steps and solutions is as soon as you get your iPhone out of the water turn it off straight away! No checking messages or Facebook, it needs to be turned of as soon as possible as it will ruin the electrical hardware while wet.

Step 1

This one comes as no surprise but it is the most successful step and is the thing thing you should try. So insure your iPhone is turned off, also remove any case or bumper that is on the iPhone. This is done as it may slow down the process as water can still be trapped in the crevices. Also once that is done put the iPhone on a paper towel or a extremely dry towel and pat down the iPhone to remove any wetness that still may be lingering. Another step to remember is to remove the sim card.

If you have the time you can also use a q tip to remove any moisture that may be in the headphone jack or the docking charger area. Now comes the most important part, you will need to find some rice, more the better. Preferably the rice should be in a resealable bag, if not use a bowl and then put cling film over it after the iPhone has been put in the rice. So with the resealable bag put the iPhone in there with the rice and seal. Then you want to find a cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry.

Ideally you want to leave it in there for 20-30 hours to maximise the potential of the moisture being absorbed from the rice. If you cant afford that much times 5-10 hours should suffice but you many not get the full potential from the rice.

Step 2

If you absolutely cant get your hands on some rice then this step is the next best thing. Firstly you want to follow the same instructions above as to remove the case, pat down the iPhone with a paper towel and remove the sim card. And also the q tip method to remove any more moisture in the headphone jock or docking station. So for this step you want to wrap your iPhone up in a paper towel, you only need about 1 or 2. Place the iPhone on the paper towel and roll it up so the iPhone is fully covered.

You can also follow the steps in this video that provide alternative solutions  for iPhones with moisture and sound problems. Watch the below videos for more steps and tutorials on how to fix this issue.

Once you have done this search out a dry and warm place, ideally the best spot for this would be a hot water cupboard. But if not a pantry or sealed shelf should be ok. With this step your going to want to leave it in there for at least 2-3 days as it will take longer to soak up the moisture. If you do get your hands on some rice within that time then you can transfer the iPhone to rice and follow step 1.

Step 3

If none of the above steps work after leaving the iPhone in rice for over 24 hours there are some follow up solutions and fixes you can try to also eliminate any excess moisture or water from the iPhone. By using a hairdryer on the low heat setting, hover it above the speaker area and also the headphone jack port. Keep the hairdryer a fair distance from the iPhone to keep it from overheating. You can repeat this step several times to ensure that any moisture is evaporated by the hairdryer. Be sure that your iPhone is turned off when doing this step.


Step 4

Another way to remove any water is by inserting the end cotton wool buds into the docking/ charging area and also the headphone jack area. Before inserting the cotton wool buds, you can twist the cotton slightly on the ends so it fits better into the cavities of the iPhone. Use a bit of force when cleaning the charging area, this will also remove or dislodge any dirt or grime that may have accumulated.


Step 5

As an alternative to using rice you can use Silica gel packs which you’ll most probably find in your latest pair of trainers. Try find as many as possible then put them into a container with the iPhone turned off and wait at least 24 hours before turning the iPhone back on.


Step 6

mobile support warranty insurance

If worse comes to worse it may be best to speak to your mobile phone provider for support. Depending on if you opted for insurance for your device, you may be able to claim a new iPhone if its beyond repair. Some providers will replace your device or will have an excess deepening on what insurance you chose. Also if you don’t mind waiting you can give Apple support a call if your iPhone is still under warranty.

If any of these steps have worked for you please share your experience or thoughts below on how you went around it. Also it is not recommend putting your iPhone in the freezer as its likely to destroy it.


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  1. Jaysan

    I dropped my iPhone 6 Plus in the snow and not having read your post and not knowing what to do, I did not turn my phone off. I quickly dried off the phone and blew inside the port and speaker holes on the bottom of the phone and used a Q-tip to dry out the headphone hole. I then tried to play music and sounds on my phone and there was no sound. I looked up a few posts on the subject, and I thought for sure my phone was done and I was about to give up. It wasn’t until an hour or so later that I read your post and it gave me enough hope that I figured I should at least try the rice idea. I left it in rice for about 13 hours. I needed to leave for work so I got it out of the rice, expecting the worst, but to my surprise, as soon as I turned the phone on It started making text sounds and all the other sounds worked as well. Thank you for your post…I’d be in a mess trying to come up with the money to fix my phone or buy another one if I had not read it.

  2. Evan

    Thanks a lot! Clearing out the headphone jack was the solution to my problem

  3. Anne Tang

    Thank you so much!! I left it in rice for 10 minutes (too impatient) and it worked! I don’t have to spend money.

  4. LoLo Lol

    Would it work on a Ipad 2? And , from soem websites ive heard putting it in rice is the worst thing you can do …but…uh..

  5. Dixxy

    Hi all , thought I would have to buy a new iPhone6 , dropped my phone down the toilet then read the tips on here about qtips and rice done both and got it working again , thanks

  6. Anusha

    Thanks a lot..!! I left my phone in rice for about 36hours and it worked 🙂

  7. Tim

    Hi my wife drop her phone in the toilet and I tried the rice thing it didn’t work I tried drying it off with a air player but didn’t work I left it on the charger for a 10 hours is that safe will it explode or is that dangerous I don’t what to do

  8. Remi

    Opped my phone in water and I’ve cleaned out the speaker bit with a qtip but that didn’t work so I’ve left it in the rice and hoping that does the trick?

  9. Rosie Boddy

    Hi, this is one tip that works extremely well. If you ever get your iPhone speaker wet
    1. Take off any case you have on it
    2. Brush hard over the speaker with an old toothbrush repeatedly
    3. This should leave your speakers unruffled and back to normal

  10. Michele

    I didn’t read your post until this morning and I got my iphone 6 wet last night.. However, I just got silica gel packets from Amazon earlier this week, so I immediately dried the phone off, used q-tips and put the phone in the silica packs overnight.

    This morning everything was working except the thumb recognition and the notification sounds (at least it still vibrates). The speakers are working fine, though.

    After reading your article, I have turned the phone off and put it back in the packets where I plan to leave it for the next couple of days. I will repost with an update.

  11. Michele

    Okay, three days later: everything is now working EXCEPT the notification sounds and ringtone. I reset the phone back to factory settings and then set everything back to my own preferences, but it appears that nothing is bringing back the notification sounds. At least it vibrates, although that isn’t especially handy since I’m rarely actually holding the phone. In the future I will know to immediately turn off whatever electronic device I destroy next.

  12. Veronica Robinson

    My iPhone took a 2 second dunking and I did the rice trick for 4 days. All of the functions are working, but the screen is very dull making it hard to read small print. Has anybody else experienced this, and what did you do? Is it a trip to a repairer?

  13. Roderick

    I only did step 2 and it worked

  14. Lynette O

    Does the rice thing work if you dropped your phone on a different liquid? Like soda or something??? please help!

  15. Laura

    Well this sounded like a good idea until rice got stuck in the headphone hole and it’s too small to come out so I gave myself another issue

  16. Rosie

    Laura place the vaccum over your headphone socket it might suck the rice out

  17. Sophia

    I have a life proof case for my iPhone 6 and it was working fine until I Reyes taking it into the water for picture as it has worked many times before…. And today I tried listening to the videos and they made a big buzz sound but I can hear notifications and stuff like that. But if I watch different videos its completely fine…. But testing the speakers I took a video and you can’t hear a thing…. So what exactly it happening?!?!

  18. Ellie

    I dropped my phone in the river and it stopped working it turned on the next day but the sound doesn’t work although sometimes on loud it will ring or the typing sound starts but it won’t play music? How do I get it to work all the time again

  19. Aleena Awan

    i dropped my iPhone 6 in the toilet and stuck it in rice for 3 days, i took it out and its turninng on but the touchscreen is not working and i cant get into my phone…PLEASE HELP!!!

  20. Aimee C.

    I put my water bottle in my duffle bag, and got my iPhone wet (although not completely soaked). I didn’t know what to do at first so I was constantly turning my phone on and off (bad idea…). I didn’t know that putting the phone on rice was a solution until about an hour after the incident. I did wipe the case and the phone dry the best that I can before doing so. I left my phone on the rice overnight, but when I turned it on this morning, the audio wasn’t working still and it took me back to the home screen whenever I try to swipe right. So, I started all over again: turned it off, dump it in rice, and added silica gel packs. Hopefully it works by the end of the day. If the audio still doesn’t work, what should I do?

  21. Xman

    OKay let’s see if I’m going to get the sound back.

  22. jacko

    I have tryed everything in the comments and the rice, still doesnt work…… Guess im screwed? Any other ideas?

  23. J r shukla

    Hi. Thanks for advice.

    I just read your solutions and in two hours my iphone speaker started working even before I could do follow up action

    Thanks. because it gave me hope.

  24. Kirsten

    I did most of this but not immediately. Sound the only issue. Will,it come back or is it permanent damage? Headphones work great but not practical ? Will restoring to default fix?

  25. Antony Widjaja

    Thanks for the suggestion. It worked! My 4-year old daughter dropped into a swimming pool last night and I had to rescue her immediately. As a result, I got my iPhone 6 wet and the sound disappeared. I took some rice and buried the phone (turned off) in it for 10 hours. This morning, I turned it on and the sound worked again!!!

  26. kristen

    rice got lodged in my charging port too… so that was dumb…i was able to get it out, but super annoyed! blahhh

  27. Jon Melillo

    okay someone help me…..

    I dropped my iphone in water for a few seconds. When i picked it up and dried it off i noticed that my phone was working fine. However,after being on it for 3 hours i realized the sound wasn’t working. WHAT SHOULD I DO 🙁

    did I fry my phone because I didn’t put it in rice soon enough? Someone help me.

  28. Elie

    My iphone 4 fell into a bowl of water. i pulled it out dried it and realized that it was working perfectly . After an hour i noticed that it was stuck on headphone mode. i read this article and immediately shut it off and put it in a bag of rice over night. 12 hours later i turned it on and it works perfectly!!!
    thank you so much!!!

  29. Afnan

    I did all that, i cant hear ringtone when someone is calling, and i can’t hear when i pick up as well. Am sad💔 any solution?? Its been 2 weeks now

  30. Jasmeet

    I accidently drop hand wash on my iphones 6 front speakers and niw its sound is changed wht to do

  31. Jasmeet

    I accodnetly drop hand wash on my fromt speakers of iphone 6 now its sound is changed
    What to do????

  32. Rosie Boddy

    Hi jasmeet I don’t know if you saw my last comment but trying brushing an old toothbrush over the speaker it clears it out and it worked me after dropping my bottom speaker into milk ☺️😃😂

  33. Eve

    Hi, I dropped my phone in milk as I was eating my breakfast and wondered if this would work if I put it in rice? I have dried my phone with kitchen roll and tried to listen to some music on full blast but it sounds like it’s only on half of the sound! What should I do!!!

  34. Rosie Boddy

    Eva, brush a toothbrush over the speakers it clears them out

  35. Liya

    Thank you so much Rosie boddy !!!!!!! Your solution worked instantly ❤️

  36. Scott

    Thanks for the info. I dropped my 5C into the toilet for a brief moment and then had no sound. I put it in the bag of rice for about 30-40 minutes then pulled it out. It didn’t work right away. The main reason was because I had used small grains of rice and they were jammed in the headphone jack, causing the phone to think there was headphones plugged in. I had to spend 10 minutes digging the crap out of there but now I can hear the keyboard clicks as I’m typing this just fine. My advice: USE LARGER GRAIN RICE

  37. Sharon

    I spilled a 32oz cherry coke on my 6. I immediately turned it off and stuck it in brown rice as soon as I got home. I turned it on 12 hours later and everything worked fine except for the speaker. I thought that it wasn’t going to work then I found your page and decided to switch it to white rice in a plastic bag inside the pantry. I left it in there for 12 more hours and everything works fine!! People don’t give up hope just leave it in the rice!!

  38. Julia Thompson

    quite relieved about the rice…did get paella rice stuck in charger point. Several days later played a you tube video and sound got stuck into dreadful interference noise, and continued to sound when i used texting etc….have turned it off, and now on and its ok….hopefully. Rice is great, though dusty, am going to collect those now in-valuable silicone sachets.

  39. Sara

    What the hell?!! I also dropped it in the water! And now my speaker did not works!! What to do ???

  40. Pipa

    Get some 90% rubbing alcohol and submerge the phone again for awhile then take it out and let it dry.it won’t hurt the phone and the alcohol will evaporate drying up the water. You may need to get a new battery also if it was in water a while and doesn’t turn on after drying. Look at the battery and if it looks bloated you definitelay need a new one. I did all the above and my phone works -the sound still cuts out sometimes but other than that it’s back to normal .

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