iPhone has no sound after dropping in water toilet wet how to fix

iPhone has no sound after dropping in water /toilet/ wet.

One of the worst possible feeling you can have as an iPhone owner is dropping it in water. This can include puddles, pools, cups, the ocean, washing machine and more frequently the toilet. Because we all know going to the toilet without your iPhone turns out to be the difference between life and death.

What to do if you have dropped your iPhone in water? So if you have dropped you iPhone in one of the above areas then there may be some temporary issues. The first issue you may encounter is that your iPhone will have no sound or the speaker will stop working. This is not specific to certain iPhones, it will plague all devices including iPhone 3G/ iPhone 4/ 4S / iPhone 5/ 5S / 5C and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Even though all these devices are engineered to such minute detail, when you drop one in water it can be a loosing battle unless you have an awesome case.

Below are some steps and solutions that will help fix your iPhone if it gets water logged and looses its sound or the speaker stops working. These steps are listed in chronological order of what seems to be most successful. One thing important which applies to all these steps and solutions is as soon as you get your iPhone out of the water turn it off straight away! No checking messages or Facebook, it needs to be turned of as soon as possible as it will ruin the electrical hardware while wet.

Step 1

This one comes as no surprise but it is the most successful step and is the thing thing you should try. So insure your iPhone is turned off, also remove any case or bumper that is on the iPhone. This is done as it may slow down the process as water can still be trapped in the crevices. Also once that is done put the iPhone on a paper towel or a extremely dry towel and pat down the iPhone to remove any wetness that still may be lingering. Another step to remember is to remove the sim card.

If you have the time you can also use a q tip to remove any moisture that may be in the headphone jack or the docking charger area. Now comes the most important part, you will need to find some rice, more the better. Preferably the rice should be in a resealable bag, if not use a bowl and then put cling film over it after the iPhone has been put in the rice. So with the resealable bag put the iPhone in there with the rice and seal. Then you want to find a cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry.

Ideally you want to leave it in there for 20-30 hours to maximise the potential of the moisture being absorbed from the rice. If you cant afford that much times 5-10 hours should suffice but you many not get the full potential from the rice.

Step 2

If you absolutely cant get your hands on some rice then this step is the next best thing. Firstly you want to follow the same instructions above as to remove the case, pat down the iPhone with a paper towel and remove the sim card. And also the q tip method to remove any more moisture in the headphone jock or docking station. So for this step you want to wrap your iPhone up in a paper towel, you only need about 1 or 2. Place the iPhone on the paper towel and roll it up so the iPhone is fully covered.

You can also follow the steps in this video that provide alternative solutions  for iPhones with moisture and sound problems. Watch the below videos for more steps and tutorials on how to fix this issue.

Once you have done this search out a dry and warm place, ideally the best spot for this would be a hot water cupboard. But if not a pantry or sealed shelf should be ok. With this step your going to want to leave it in there for at least 2-3 days as it will take longer to soak up the moisture. If you do get your hands on some rice within that time then you can transfer the iPhone to rice and follow step 1.

Step 3

If none of the above steps work after leaving the iPhone in rice for over 24 hours there are some follow up solutions and fixes you can try to also eliminate any excess moisture or water from the iPhone. By using a hairdryer on the low heat setting, hover it above the speaker area and also the headphone jack port. Keep the hairdryer a fair distance from the iPhone to keep it from overheating. You can repeat this step several times to ensure that any moisture is evaporated by the hairdryer. Be sure that your iPhone is turned off when doing this step.


Step 4

Another way to remove any water is by inserting the end cotton wool buds into the docking/ charging area and also the headphone jack area. Before inserting the cotton wool buds, you can twist the cotton slightly on the ends so it fits better into the cavities of the iPhone. Use a bit of force when cleaning the charging area, this will also remove or dislodge any dirt or grime that may have accumulated.


Step 5

As an alternative to using rice you can use Silica gel packs which you’ll most probably find in your latest pair of trainers. Try find as many as possible then put them into a container with the iPhone turned off and wait at least 24 hours before turning the iPhone back on.


Step 6

mobile support warranty insurance

If worse comes to worse it may be best to speak to your mobile phone provider for support. Depending on if you opted for insurance for your device, you may be able to claim a new iPhone if its beyond repair. Some providers will replace your device or will have an excess deepening on what insurance you chose. Also if you don’t mind waiting you can give Apple support a call if your iPhone is still under warranty.

If any of these steps have worked for you please share your experience or thoughts below on how you went around it. Also it is not recommend putting your iPhone in the freezer as its likely to destroy it.


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  1. Ken

    My phone fell into a cup of coffee (bottom half of phone only) for about 5 seconds. I immediately took off the case and dried off the surface area of the phone, sides and all. About 2 hours later resized the sound functions weren’t working but speakerphone worked fine when in call. After reading your step by step, I noticed that when adjusting the volume feature, the phone was displaying “headphone” rather than “volume”. Thus, I applied your “Q-tip” method. At first, it didn’t have any effect. However, after repeating and being slightly more aggressive when inserting the q-tip… It worked! My phone is now working without any audio issues. Many thanks and God bless you for your help!

  2. ten ten

    i dropped my ipod in the toilet it took me about 20 mins to get home and dry it off its working but volume still doesnt work only on headphone so i put it into rice for 5 hours not working tried q tip not working so i put it back in rice

  3. Ugandran

    My iPhone 6 fall in to bathroom water automatically it get switch off hurry I have taken to phone repair shop, he has removed and clean the water as well trough dryer he tried but still my phone speaker not working some headset working some that also not working pls help me Sir, thanks!


  4. Boss

    I dropped my phone in the toilet i rolled it in toilet paper but it didnt work none of them worked for me

  5. Luke

    My wife dropped her phone in water and had similar problem with iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode. The Q-tip worked…especially after I read post here about being a bit more aggressive with it. Thanks!

  6. Sarah

    Dropped my phone in the toilet and got it out and dried it off immediately. Was working fine except it was in headphone mode. I dried it out and it was working again. I charged it and used it, all fine. Later that night the battery ran out as I forgot to put it on charge. Now it won’t turn on and won’t charge. I’ve had it in rice for about 13 hours now and still nothing. Is all hope lost???

  7. Julia

    Guess you may have tried a new battery?

  8. jaylala

    Once your iPhone fell into water and got damaged, you can use try the following tips:
    Fill a zipper locked bag fairly full of rice so that the entire iPhone will be covered, then place the iPhone into the bag and seal it shut with some air in the bag.
    After fix it, you can use FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to recover your lost data if you have lost some important data during solving your water damaged iPhone.

  9. Gaynor

    Tried all of the above which didn’t work then used the hairdryer on the speaker and headphone port for a minute and now it’s working fine! 😃

  10. Meri

    I used a hair dryer on the speaker for about a minute and it worked perfectly!! ❤️😊

  11. wendy

    it worked on me! thanks a lot ♥️

  12. Sev

    My iPhone said it was in headphone mode as well after dropping in the toilet. 😡 I put it in a bag of rice over night and it’s working now! I did get a piece of rice wedged in the charging area so beware! It is very hard to remove!

  13. Maddox Townsend

    Whoever came up with this q-tip method should be praised and bought gifts for their insane wits and amazingness because it works

  14. ugandran


    I have tried what you said the option but it
    doesn’t work.

    Pls I expect proper solution


  15. Jeng

    Worked using the dryer method! 😁

  16. Joannie

    Dropped my phone in the sink. I immediately dried it off. I used the qtip method and I used my airdryer for the speaker. After about 2 minutes it worked

  17. Chin

    I recently accidentally spilled sweet and spicy sauce all over the top screen of my iPhone 6. I turned it off and cleaned it up then placed it in a container of uncooked rice. After about three hours I found my phone working fine but the speakers are all buzzed up and whenever someone calls me and when i pick it up i cant seem to hear the other end real well even if the volume is at maximum. I’m keeping it in a bag of rice for a couple more days but maybe you guys have any idea if it has something to do with the consistency of the liquid that entered my phone?

  18. ugandran

    Hi, none of practice work for I’m not interest to receive same reply again and again come up with good solutions .


  19. ANAL


  20. Jo'maria

    i put my ipod in a waterproff case and took it to the pool but i did the QTIP but everything works but my ipod can only use sound on facetime
    what do i do!?

  21. Zaman

    Liquid contains a dissolved substance .Its a osthir.

  22. Austin

    I used the dryer method, I put the dryer straight on the headphone jack and the charger for about 5-10mins, then used a q-tip a few times until I knew it was dry, I started playing music and it finally worked, I gonna leave it sit in some rice for a while though! mine also was stuck in the headphone mode!

  23. Lisa

    Thank you so much! I dropped my phone with the otterbox in water. Everything worked except the sound which was stuck in headphone setting. I did not read this post until 12 hours later. I tried the Qtip method and would have given up if it had not been for the comments about being aggressive. I tried 5 or 6 Q-tips with no luck and finally left one in and occasionally turned the swab around. Having given up I decided to try the hairdryer method for about five minutes but hit the button and Siri started talking! Music to my ears! Thanks again!

  24. Jasmine

    Alright so I dropped my phone in the toilet and everything is fine except my sound when I call on speaker phone it works however nothing else works I tried face timing and I could here nothing, when I go to the home screen and do the volume thing it does t say anything about head phones. what should I do ?

  25. Darvey

    I also dropped my phone in the water. The time when i dropped it, i immediately get it from the water turned it off then wiped it with dry towel then i blew every holes ( charging and headphones port), then i also shake and shake it. Then turned it on again. I tried to play to music but the speaker’s not functioning. So I just leave that problem and still used it though cause everything is functioning except the speaker. By several hours, I turned it off, blow and blow it. Then leave it for 4 hours not turned on. After four hours of not turning it off, I turned it on then I tried to play music then it works! 😆😆

  26. Loren

    My ipad dropped in water (submerged) but recovered fully with the exception of the sound. My soundcloud which is an app where you can record sounds and upload them stopped uploading my files and is showing an error: 422 I’m wondering what if anything can be done to recover the files?

  27. Shady wady

    None of this worked for me until I did something that I came up with as didn’t have any q tips I basically got a regular hair band and broke it and put it in the head phone slot when my phone said headphones instead of volume and twisted it around making sure that the metal bit was the other side not going in the phone and twisted it and then left it over night and in the morning it was all back to normal again without saying headphones thank you any way x

  28. Brooke Corbin

    Wow. Is all I can say, nothing worked until I did the dryer trick. Love it. Never been so happy to hear typing on my iPhone 6….. (I dropped it in the tub, and it was stuck on head phone mode!)

  29. Emily

    Hey everyone,

    Best solution is to get a q-tip or something like it and put it in the headphone dock, worked like a treat for me!

  30. Holly

    I just dropped my phone in the sink, it was a brand new iPhone 6s I took the case off and shook it really hard for around a minute, I put it in front of my fan Heater about 12 inches away for less than a minute and it worked again😌😌

  31. alee

    my iphone is not in headphone mode .! so qtip technique wont work …..even then speakers not working ..can only hear sounds through headphones ….
    it got water damaged …somebody help …

  32. Chrisanina

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You So Very Much!
    I Recently Dropped My IPhone 6 Into Sea Water And Although It Was Only In There For Seconds I Thought for Sure It Was Gone! (I Only Had It For A Week!) I Dried It Off As Much As Possible And Went Straight To The Supermarket And Got A Large Bag Of Damp Rid ~ The Stuff You Put In Your Linen Press/Bathroom To Suck Up The Moisture In The Air ~ And Placed It In There For About 8 Hours But I Still Had No Sound ~ Except On Speaker Phone! I Followed Your Q Tip Step And Cleaned The Head Phone Jack As Thoroughly As I Could Then Left A Clean Q Tip In The Jack For A Few Hours ~ Ta Daa I Now Have Full Sound And A Complete IPhone ~ Although Dropping It In Sea Water I’m Sure The Salt Will Eat Away My Phone From The Inside Out So I Will Have To Go To Mr Apple And Explain All And Have Them Do A Thorough Clean! Thank You So Much For This Information ~ You Saved Another Phone From An Early Death And I Am Soooo Appreciative! 😁
    P.S. My Flash Has Changed To A Pink Colour ~ Could There Be A *liquid Indicator* In There?
    I Have Bookmarked Your Site ForFuture Reference! 👍🏻

  33. Pedro

    Q-tip method worked for me on my iPhone 6s Plus. I was beginning to loose hope, then I read the article and Ken’s post. Thak you for identifying the headphone jock as a vulnerable point. Thank you Ken for discovering an easy troubleshooting tip with the volume control.

  34. Amanda

    My iPhone dropped in hot chocolate, I got it out very fast. I tried the q tip method and blow dryer method and it’s still not working. It works fine except it’s stuck in headphone mode and none of my sound is working. I have it off and in a cup of rice and hoping it will be better tomorrow morning 🙁

  35. Nikki

    My iphone 6 fell in water (about 30 minutes ago) and I took off the case and sucked the water out of all the holes and dried it off and everything was working except the volume (it does the headphones thing) and I tried the q-tips and I blow dried the speaker for about 10-15 minutes and it still isn’t working 🙁 I’m going to put it in some rice overnight but idk what else to do, help!

  36. Sarah

    After all the phones I have broken, I have not learned my lesson and left my phone in my back pocket when going to the bathroom at a very questionable bar. I immediately dried off my phone and turned it off. Once I got home, I sanitized my phone, removed the cover and put it in rice for about 12 hours. Unfortunately I could not get my volume to work. I then tried the q-tip method and it worked like magic! I had to tear some cotton off the tip and very aggressively clean the headphone jack. If you have put your phone in rice first, be sure to remove any leftover pieces in the jack before using the q-tip, I had to use a pair of fine tweezers to remove two pieces of rice.

    I was on the verge of a totally unreasonable meltdown, so thank you for sharing your wisdom! For everyone else visiting this page, keep your chin up and good luck!

  37. Jesper Wilfing

    Another tip is also to save the moist absorbing silica pack’s that comes with electronics or shoes and throw them in with the rice when you have dropped your phone in some kind of water. Their moist-absorbing abilities will outperform rice, even if it is a bit harder to get a hold of.

    1. Silica gel (5g)
    2. Silica gel (50g)
    3. Flaked Rice
    4. Lamp
    5. Basmati rice
    6. Long grain rice
    7. Pudding rice
    8. Paella rice
    9. Brown rice
    10. Vacuum cleaner

  38. Steve O

    Dropped iPhone 6 Plus in dishwater. Retrieved it immediately. Gently Shook out all of the water that I could. Phone was sill on, no sound. Powered phone off. i removed the SIM card using a paper clip that I straightened out. Used a hair dryer at a fair distance on low setting pointed towards the ports, speakers, SIM card area for about 5 minutes. Then I put the iPhone in large zip lock bag filled with rice and let it sit for 24 hours. Removed it after that time and inserted the SIM card. Bam! Good as new! I have ordered silica gel from Amazon that will arrive in 2 days and plan on leaving the phone in zip lock with 25 sm bags of silica gel overnight for several nights just to make sure I have every last tiny bit of moisture removed. Thanks to this site for making my day! Much appreciated.

  39. Cole

    Thanks a lot now I have rice stuck in my iPhone

  40. Sarah

    So I dropped my phone in the tub the other day, and everything seemed fine until my friend called me and she couldn’t hear me. When someone calls me or I record something all I hear is static. I don’t know what to do, help!!!

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