iPhone has no sound after dropping in water toilet wet how to fix

iPhone has no sound after dropping in water /toilet/ wet.

One of the worst possible feeling you can have as an iPhone owner is dropping it in water. This can include puddles, pools, cups, the ocean, washing machine and more frequently the toilet. Because we all know going to the toilet without your iPhone turns out to be the difference between life and death.

What to do if you have dropped your iPhone in water? So if you have dropped you iPhone in one of the above areas then there may be some temporary issues. The first issue you may encounter is that your iPhone will have no sound or the speaker will stop working. This is not specific to certain iPhones, it will plague all devices including iPhone 3G/ iPhone 4/ 4S / iPhone 5/ 5S / 5C and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Even though all these devices are engineered to such minute detail, when you drop one in water it can be a loosing battle unless you have an awesome case.

Below are some steps and solutions that will help fix your iPhone if it gets water logged and looses its sound or the speaker stops working. These steps are listed in chronological order of what seems to be most successful. One thing important which applies to all these steps and solutions is as soon as you get your iPhone out of the water turn it off straight away! No checking messages or Facebook, it needs to be turned of as soon as possible as it will ruin the electrical hardware while wet.

Step 1

This one comes as no surprise but it is the most successful step and is the thing thing you should try. So insure your iPhone is turned off, also remove any case or bumper that is on the iPhone. This is done as it may slow down the process as water can still be trapped in the crevices. Also once that is done put the iPhone on a paper towel or a extremely dry towel and pat down the iPhone to remove any wetness that still may be lingering. Another step to remember is to remove the sim card.

If you have the time you can also use a q tip to remove any moisture that may be in the headphone jack or the docking charger area. Now comes the most important part, you will need to find some rice, more the better. Preferably the rice should be in a resealable bag, if not use a bowl and then put cling film over it after the iPhone has been put in the rice. So with the resealable bag put the iPhone in there with the rice and seal. Then you want to find a cool dry place like a cupboard or pantry.

Ideally you want to leave it in there for 20-30 hours to maximise the potential of the moisture being absorbed from the rice. If you cant afford that much times 5-10 hours should suffice but you many not get the full potential from the rice.

Step 2

If you absolutely cant get your hands on some rice then this step is the next best thing. Firstly you want to follow the same instructions above as to remove the case, pat down the iPhone with a paper towel and remove the sim card. And also the q tip method to remove any more moisture in the headphone jock or docking station. So for this step you want to wrap your iPhone up in a paper towel, you only need about 1 or 2. Place the iPhone on the paper towel and roll it up so the iPhone is fully covered.

You can also follow the steps in this video that provide alternative solutions  for iPhones with moisture and sound problems. Watch the below videos for more steps and tutorials on how to fix this issue.

Once you have done this search out a dry and warm place, ideally the best spot for this would be a hot water cupboard. But if not a pantry or sealed shelf should be ok. With this step your going to want to leave it in there for at least 2-3 days as it will take longer to soak up the moisture. If you do get your hands on some rice within that time then you can transfer the iPhone to rice and follow step 1.

Step 3

If none of the above steps work after leaving the iPhone in rice for over 24 hours there are some follow up solutions and fixes you can try to also eliminate any excess moisture or water from the iPhone. By using a hairdryer on the low heat setting, hover it above the speaker area and also the headphone jack port. Keep the hairdryer a fair distance from the iPhone to keep it from overheating. You can repeat this step several times to ensure that any moisture is evaporated by the hairdryer. Be sure that your iPhone is turned off when doing this step.


Step 4

Another way to remove any water is by inserting the end cotton wool buds into the docking/ charging area and also the headphone jack area. Before inserting the cotton wool buds, you can twist the cotton slightly on the ends so it fits better into the cavities of the iPhone. Use a bit of force when cleaning the charging area, this will also remove or dislodge any dirt or grime that may have accumulated.


Step 5

As an alternative to using rice you can use Silica gel packs which you’ll most probably find in your latest pair of trainers. Try find as many as possible then put them into a container with the iPhone turned off and wait at least 24 hours before turning the iPhone back on.


Step 6

mobile support warranty insurance

If worse comes to worse it may be best to speak to your mobile phone provider for support. Depending on if you opted for insurance for your device, you may be able to claim a new iPhone if its beyond repair. Some providers will replace your device or will have an excess deepening on what insurance you chose. Also if you don’t mind waiting you can give Apple support a call if your iPhone is still under warranty.

If any of these steps have worked for you please share your experience or thoughts below on how you went around it. Also it is not recommend putting your iPhone in the freezer as its likely to destroy it.


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  1. hmarie

    The stop thing LITTERALLY SAVED ME!!! thank you SOOO much! I was freaking out because I dropped my phone in the bathtub, and the headphone thing wouldn’t turn off after I dried it….and I looked at this and as soon as I stuck the stop in the headphone hole it turned off and my fav song came on from my spotify!! Thank you SOOOO much!!!!

  2. Davii~

    THIS WORKS!!!! I dropped my phone in water and well it was the first time i dropped it in water. So I didnt know I was suposed to turn it off right afterwards. Instead I listened to music cause I was at work and there was no rice. So I basically had it on 2-3 hours after I dropped it in water. Soon as I got home I googled the solution. I was freaking out so at first I put it in sushi rice but it ended up getting in the headphone jack. I only had it in the rice for an hour. I was impatient. So I tried the qtip thing and it still wasnt working. So I used brown rice and had it off and left it in there for 24+ hours. And it works. 😀 I was really doubtful. Im so glad I waited.

  3. Sabrina

    THIS SAVED MY LIFE!!! I the idiot that I am wanted to play music and etc while running my bathtub and I knocked the iPhone 6 Plus right on in the full tub – it had the shell part of the otter case on – I immediately screamed profanities like someone died!! I then realized my speaker worked but not any other sound and it said “headphones” — I was going insane and found this on google search- the Qtip method fixed it!! I had to shave half of the q tip down to fit it in the headphone slot the first time I felt moistness on the Qtip and it still wouldn’t work – I had to really dig in there 3-5 times with it after the water seemed to be out and it fixed it!!!!! Thank you for this tip! Seems like any of us should think of it but we don’t:) lol THANKS!!

    -A Happy IPhone 6 Plus customer

  4. Terry

    I dropped my iphone in the toilet. Immediately removed the case and dried it with paper towels. I didn’t know there was a problem until about 2 hours later when I went to make a phone call. Figured out it was on ‘headphone’ only. Read all the comments on this forum. Multiple Q-tips came out wet, but didn’t solve the problem. THANK YOU for the idea of using a hair dryer, as that DID solve the problem!

  5. Tab

    Today is my birthday and well…lets just say I hope I get a new phone

  6. Hannah

    Rice trick worked perfectly!!! I didn’t fully submerge my iPhone 6 but it did drop into the sink while the water was running, patted it dry then and turned it off while leaving it in a sealed sandwich bag full of rice for the day and the night. My phone thought it had headphones in which was the only thing wrong, now all working well again!

  7. Kat

    Omg I almost had a heart attack when I spilled some tea on my phone.

    Quickly grabbed paper towels, took it out of its case, and did a aggressive pat down. Everything was working fine except I wasn’t getting sound from my speakers.

    After reading these comments, I tried the aggressive Q-tip method for my headphone jack and IT WORKED! Everything is right as rain now!

    Thanks so much!.

  8. Isabel

    So I was a dummie and dropped my iPhone 5c in the toilet at school. I have no case on it so no protection at all. I quickly patted it down with a paper towel and a teacher told me to go to class so that’s all I got to do. It had been in the beginning of the day so it had been at least 7 or eight hours since I had seen my phone. My phone said that there was headphones in it so I grabbed a q tip and stuck it in it worked! I was so happy and now it has been a couple days and I was checking to see if my phone was damaged because I didn’t turn it off or stick it in rice but I guess good and bad luck was on my side that day.

  9. Gregory

    Q-tip worked great. You HAVE to move it VERY vigorously. I almost gave up then tried it one last time as fast as I possibly could… It worked!! Thanks!

  10. shiyvo

    i dropped my phone 6s brand new in the toilet! i cleaned out the headphone jack with tip and put in rice overnight it worked, my ear piece is working again.
    Thank you…

  11. Goon

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    After my phone sat in a puddle of water for over 5 mins (thanks for my toddler), my iPhone no longer had audio. After letting the phone sit in rice for 36 hours, the audio is back!!


  12. Gabriela

    I have an iPhone 6 and dropped it in the toilet last night. I grabbed it real quick and turned it off. I was no where near home or rice and didn’t get home till the next day. I just realized the sound wasn’t working when I missed my alarm and thought it was the end of the world. I just tried the q-tip method, shoved two qtips in and the sound started working right away! Thank you phone gods!

  13. Elena

    Bless you I put mine in the washing machine and the volume was stuck on headphones. The qtip trick worked instantly and I had the rice all ready and I didnt even have to use it THANK YOU

  14. Cathi

    Did you put a Qtip in the headphone jack?

  15. Erica

    I have a iPhone 6s Plus dropped it in the snow today… I tried to make a call and it wasn’t any sound I tried to turn the sound on and off it kept saying the headphones were plugged I did the q tip trick and it worked immediately Thank God 😀 Cuz I was devastated lol

  16. Josh

    Hey guys i really couldnt be stuffed waiting 2 days + for my sound too work again, so what i did was get a cotton bud thats meant to get ear wax out of your ears & i took off the fluffy bit & shoved it in the hole whilst my phone was off & my sound worked in like 2 mins, hoped this helped !

  17. Jay

    Cotton bud is a q tip lol

  18. Rebekah narli

    Om friggen friggen g,
    Bless your heart!

  19. Zach

    This worked great I dropped my IPhone 6 in the tub and didn’t take the case off or hardly even dry it off. I felt discouraged when it didn’t make a sound but the q tip trick worked. I shoved it in so the whole cotton tip was submerged before it worked though

  20. Ryan

    will it affect anything if i cant remove the SD card?

  21. Sbosley

    I dropped my phone in the sink of dishes. All I did when I got it out is dry it off but it wasn’t until this morning that I notice it wouldn’t let me play music and it said I had headphones in but, I didn’t. The Q-Tip thing I tried but, it did not work. Instead I did the hair dryer it worked! Thanks sooo much!

  22. diana

    oh my gosh !! thank you sooo much ! I needed something that would help immediately & I never really read comments / reviews but this time I did & this help bunches !

  23. just me

    Brilliant, it worked. After falling down a flight of stairs and smashing my phone, I had it repaired only for my daughter to drop it in a bucket of water the next day! It sat there unknown for about ten minutes. I took it out, and left it upright to drain on microfibre towels for a while. Surprisingly it was still on so I had a little hope. I left it overnight, occasionally giving it a “swing”to flick any water out of the bottom. The next morning I tried to use the phone but it was in headphone mode. We left it half a day and tried again. I could hear ring tones but no message tones? Also if I made a call, I could hear the caller but they couldn’t hear me. That’s when I searched google and found this post. I left the phone in brown rice for 24 hours. I then used a cotton bud in the earphone socket, turned on the phone and it’s working!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  24. Claire

    I took a tub with my cat in the bathroom today. I placed my iPhone 6 (which had a Lifeproof case with all plugs plugged) next to her. She thought it was a toy and swiped it in the water. Agh! Thought I was going to die. Everything worked but I tried to play music and the audio was 100% bummed. Shoved in about 20 Q-tips and finally Work by Rihanna, my fav song, started playing. Soon there was a commercial, but I’ve never been that happy to hear a commercial before. Incredible Q-tip trick.

  25. raj

    this is awesome trick!! it really worked. thanq sooo muchhh

  26. Alex

    Thank you!!!!

  27. slondres

    I tried putting my phone in rice but it was a TERRIBLE idea, all the rice got stuck inside the headphone jack… I desperately tried to take the rice out but it was impossible, I tried with a lot of different methods and although most of the rice was out there was still a small piece inside… Finally I used a needle very carefully and managed (I don’t even know how) to get the last piece of rice out. Be VERY CAREFUL to only put your phone in rice if it is big rice…
    The good news is once I did that my phone miraculously started working again (the sound and voice came back)… I was freaking out and had lost hope!

  28. Jane

    Thanks so much for all these tips. I had my phone for just 2 weeks and splash it went for about 5 seconds in sink removed all covers . Dried off . Had no sound at all and in Headphone mode. As soon as I got home from work I did the Qtip thing and tub or rice over night and working great!

  29. :)

    Tied the q-tip thingie and now it is stuck in the headphone spot thingie. Help!!

  30. Emily

    OMFG The hairdryer/Q-Tip combo worked!!! Hopefully I didn’t officially fry the insides of my phone :-/

  31. Diana Sours

    My son knocked his iphone 6 plus off the counter and it fell into a skillet soaking with water. He grabbed it quick and took the case off (an otterbox) and dried it off. It was just enough that he got the headphones error also. After about an hour we started looking to see what repair options we had and then I found this site. Best thing I could have found. We used the q-tip and then he did the blowdryer thing. We don’t have any plain rice which is what we wanted to try. Anyway, this morning, his iphone is working great again! Thank you so much for the idea.

  32. Julie

    My iPhone 6S phone went for a swim in the toilet today. It was in an Otterbox. I immediately got it out of the toilet, dried it off, removed the box, turned it off, and put it in a bag of rice. I took it out of the rice several hours later and everything seemed to work, except I could not hear music, videos, or people when they called. After finding this site, I immediately tried the Q-tip trick and then used the blow dryer for 1-2 minutes. YAY! It worked! The phone seems to be functioning properly. I will leave it in the bag of rice overnight as an extra precautionary measure. Thanks everyone! 🙂

  33. Becky

    Omg definitely try the q tip first!!!! Put my iPod in rice after dropping it in the bath. Took out to try the q tip and a bit of rice had got stuck in my charging port! Had to use some small tweezers to pick it out! Thank god it started working again once I got this out!

  34. Jason bilheimer

    I dropped my phone in the toilet then did the q-tip and hairdryer trick and I worked… THANK YOU TO WHOEVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE I didn’t have enough money to pay for a new one so this saved my life

  35. Kels

    Omg think u so much I dropped my granny’s new I pad air 2 in the bath and the headphone jack had water in it got it out still did not work I used a q tip and turned up the volume it works now thanks you sososo much

  36. Bea

    The q-tip trick worked! I can’t believe it but it really worked. Thanks for the help!

  37. Kay

    Wait what did you do?

  38. Anne

    I dropped my iPhone 5c in the water closet and turned it off about 15 minutes later and put it in rice for about 7 hours, removed it and everything worked perfectly except for my speakers. It kept saying “headphones”. I just saw this post this morning and the phone has been active for about 8hours now, I have tried using the qtip but it’s not working. The speaker comes on and off, I dunno what to do. Somebody help please??

  39. Elisa

    So I dropped my IPhone 6 in a puddle while i was walking today (completely underwater) and immediately dried it off etc. I got home and noticed the audio wasn’t working. So I found this site and tried the hair dryer and Q-tip methods…after about a half hour – my audio works again! 🙂 So I definitely recommend those!

  40. Denver

    I can’t believe that worked Thankyou!! Dropped my phone in water and no music would play so I took the end off the ear bud (left a small amount on the end) and stuck it right up the top and it worked!! Thankyou

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