iPhone Screen Has Gone Black and Blank But Still Responding – Fix

iPhone Screen Has Gone Black and Blank But Still Responding – Fix

There have been numerous reports of iPhone and iPad screens and displays blacking out or just going blank. While the screen goes black the iPhone is still responding with incoming calls, notification sounds and vibrations. This issue tends to arise when the iPhone is dropped or when is used to tough environments. Thankfully there are some simple fixes you can try that will hopefully resolve these problems.


iPhone Screen Has Gone Black Step 1

If you are ever to run into any glitches or temporary bugs on your iPhone it is always recommended to restart it as you would a computer. iPhones don’t have a dedicated restart button so there is a certain command which is holding the power/lock button + home button together for 10 seconds. This will restart the iPhone back up and sometimes can take up to 1 minute. You will not loose any data, contacts, music when doing the restart. This step is successful across all forms for trouble shooting on the iPhone whether it be for sound, camera, display, reception and so on.


iPhone Screen Has Gone Black Step 2

Another successful step that has helped iPhone users with this problem is reconnecting the display connecter in the iPhone itself. Externally you want to squeeze down on the back of the iPhone in the top 1/4 area where the camera and display connectors are found. Pressing down sometimes reconnects the connector as it may have been dislodged while being dropped. You can repeat this step pressing firmly for 30 seconds at a time.



If any of these steps have helped you please share what you did below as it all helps šŸ˜€


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  1. dani

    thank you very much it worked very well and it was quick.
    i was already despered.

  2. Katarina

    Thanks! The first suggestion worked!

  3. Kirsten

    these did not work on my iPhone 4 is there any bugs or stuff please let me now my iPhone has had a black screen for 24 hours now

  4. Malinjoe

    Tried step 2 and its working for my iphone5!! Thanks iphonenosound.. šŸ‘šŸ‘

  5. Mili

    Tried step 1 and its working for my iphone 6s plus.Thankssssss

  6. Lori vasquez

    The first stepped worked! Thanks!

  7. Robert

    My iPhone 6 is has a black screen but it is still making sounds like it is working…I have tried the steps recommended but that has not worked please get back to me ASAP at 484_502_7949

  8. Kanesha

    Step 1 worked for my iPhone 5s ! Thanks so much I was gonna cry!!

  9. rachit

    thank you very much bro!
    it worked.

  10. Rosy Mel

    Step 2 did the job for mine (iPhone6S). Thank you so much!!

  11. Mimi

    Thank you So so so! šŸ˜„šŸ˜„šŸ˜„ to believe I was told to pay R380 for something I did within 10seconds!

  12. Roti

    Thanks a lot Step 1 worked for my iphone 6!

  13. Karla B

    sweet the first one worked thx a lot

  14. amy

    Hi step 1 worked for me my iphone 4S went black i thought the battery went until i got a call on my house saying it was ringing so i looked on this site and held the top off/on button and the circle home button both together for 10 seconds if not longer and the apple logo apeared so i let go of both buttons and about 2 mins went by and my iphone is working again :):):):) thanks a lot ;);););)

  15. jiten

    Awesome – Option 1 worked for me on iPhone6s.

  16. FELIX


  17. bernadette

    just did step 1 and it worked, thank you

  18. Diane

    A hard reset fixed the problem Thank you I just got a new tempered glass protector for my phone and wondering if that caused the problem.

  19. Larry

    Thank you for simple, wonderful advice! Step 1 worked on my wife’s 6s. Much appreciated.

  20. thila mokhan

    try the first step-is working now. thank you for great tips šŸ™‚

  21. Skip

    Panic attack on Hold! Step one did the trick!

  22. Mary

    Thank you! So grateful!

  23. Ashrakat

    I had the same problem,but i could fix it, thanks god. My question is why that happened?

  24. Kunmi

    None of the option worked for my iphone6 and the phone rings and the screen remain blank any other option pls..

  25. Farasat khan

    Thanks for this šŸ™‚ first option worked šŸ™‚

  26. nikhil rawat

    None of the option worked for my iphone6 and the phone rings and the screen remain blank any other option pls.. help me in this.. +919718378676

  27. Kingston 781

    thanks, second option worked for my 6s! you rock!

  28. Eve

    This works but wondering why it happens and if it’s something to be concerned about for the long-term

  29. Naomi

    none of these options worked for me šŸ™

  30. Ashley

    No me of the options worked fo me. What else can I do?

  31. haylea

    neither of the options work for me. what else can be done?

  32. wkx

    step 2 is useful !!!

  33. Neil

    My daughter accidentally dropped my mum’s Iphone 5 and the display went off. When I tried calling the iphone via another phone, it only vibrated with no display.

    Tried step1 which resulted in 100% success. Thanks for the quick fix suggestions!!!

  34. alex's iPhone

    Yep everything worked great.. my iphone 5 is fixed! Tham

  35. kabday

    irs worked step 1, nice thank you

  36. Bob Odonish

    Worked great Thank You!!!!!

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