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No sound coming from speaker on my iPhone how to fix

No sound coming from my iPhone

If you have no sound coming from your iPhone it is unbelievably frustrating as you most probably already know. I have been looking for solutions, cures, fixes over the web there are many out there, below you will find a list of  some of the solutions.

The symptoms of iPhone no sound Problem/ Issues include:
– iPhone will ring but speaker will not work for anything else.
– iPhone no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc
– iPhone no sound as stuck in headphone mode
Follow these steps and hopefully your iPhone will be back to its prior glory.

iPhone No Sound Step 1,

Loud/ Silent switch on exterior of iPhone is switched to silent mode which is orange. If so flick the other way to loud mode. This is a step that so many people miss, but it is the most simplest.

iPhone No Sound Step 2,

Restart the iPhone. Hold the power switch and home button together for 10 seconds. This will restart your iPhone, you wil not lose any media, contacts, data, etc. If there is a temporary glitch on the iPhone this will eliminate that glitch.

iPhone No Sound Step 3,

Reset iPhone. Go to settings> general> reset> reset all settings. This will not loose any data, media contacts etc. This is a follow on to step 2 and another way you will be able to eliminate the glitch on the iPhone.

If none of these steps were helpful you can see the full list here from my other page iPhone No Sound.

iPhone No Sound step 4,

iphone no sound

This seems to be a growing glitch on the iPhone that is causing no sounds problems.To eliminate this glitch go into settings then put air plane mode on for about 5 minutes. After that is done toggle air plane mode on and off for 1 minute. Then restart the iPhone by pressing the home and power button at the same time for 10 seconds. Did any of these solutions work for you? Have you come up with your own? Share below.


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  1. pressplay mark thompson

    What’s up everyone, it’s my first go to see at this website, and article is really fruitful
    in favor of me, keep up posting these types of articles or reviews.

  2. babesventura

    When i hold home button for 2 seconds the voice control will popout…

  3. DT in LA

    Just had this same problem, no sound except incoming calls, not even keyboard clicks. Hard restart the phone by holding down the top bottom and the bottom bottom simulatenously for about 10 seconds until the phone goes dark and restarts itself. This is NOT the same as just shutting the phone down the normal way. You must hard restart the phone, which is basically rebooting it. Then it should correct the problem. Obviously check the mute button and Do Not Disturb settings before rebooting. You will NOT lose any data by rebooting so no need to backup before doing so.

  4. sabaina ahmad

    YES!! Thank you so much!!!!! I followed step 2 and played some music and i hear d some sound!! Your advice was really helpful and if any of my friends have the same problem, i will tell them to go on this page! have a nice day ~ London Gyal

  5. Deborah

    Step 4 worked for me! Much appreciated ☺️

  6. Edward Lou

    Hello, friends! I want to share you how happy I am to have RESOLVED this issue.

    I tried all the steps provided above but none worked BUT, because of my frustration, I took a needle, and inserted it into the earphone jack (the small whole on the upper left side of the iPhone on the top where you insert your headset), then I moved the needle inside and move it in a circular motion for 1 minute, to clean the inside hoping I could get something out (like a dust), and to my surprise, YES, I got a compiled dust from the inside which the size of a grain. My gush!! It fixed it! Thank God!!

  7. Jamie A.

    I had the same problem and absolutely nothing worked (including Mary’s idea). When I pressed the volume buttons on the side of the phone the word “Ringer” would pop up but there was no volume bar. Then I watched like 3 youtube videos on the issue. Everyone said it had to do with cleaning out the dock at the bottom of the phone where you plug your charger in, so I took one of those mini scrub brushes that come in nail kits and scrubbed it out. It worked for me! Thank GAWWWD! I’m pretty sure a toothbrush would work too! Hope this helps :)

  8. Kate

    Just went through all of these steps, none applied to my situation.
    Headphones worked.
    Phone would ring.
    No external sound.

    Just before deciding to wipe the phone and start over I had a lightbulb moment.

    I turned off Bluetooth AND all of my Bluetooth devices then turned them all back on.
    That did the trick. Seems it was locked in Bluetooth mode but not actually connected to a device.

    Now to put all of my settings back. Sigh.

  9. Katie

    Mary’s technique worked!!! I did exactly what she said and I now have sound again!! I am greatful, thank you so much Mary!!

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