No Sound on iPhone after Updating to iOS8 or iOS9

No Sound on iPhone after Updating to iOS8 or iOS9

With any new updates from Apple for the iPhone or iPad there are sure to be some initial bugs or issues that will arise. Usually the first release of an iOS is in some ways a beta for the public so Apple can seek out any problems they missed. From there Apple is able to resolve most of these issues with new updates.

The new iOS8 update and the upcoming iOS9 update will effect different models of iPhones in different ways. With the latest iOS8 update the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S had major sound and volume issues with no explanation from Apple. This problem can go though to all iPhone model from the 4 to the 5 / 5S / 6 and the 6 Plus.

No Sound iOS8 Step 1



One of the first and most important fixes for this speaker and sound problem is to check for any recent updates from Apple. This should fix any temporary glitches or bugs that may be in the software. This can be done by going into Setting > General > Software Update > Download and Install. As with checking for updates for the software it is also highly recommend to check for any new App updates. There have been several reports of some Apps that once opened on the new iOS8 to cause sound issue. App updates can be done by App Store > Updates > Available Updates > Update.

No Sound iOS8 Step 2


Whenever people ask me to fix there iPhone whether it be a sound, camera or screen issue I always recommend doing a hard restart. Just with a PC or Mac when you run into problems the first troubleshooting option is to restart. On a iPhone it is very easily done by holding down the sleep/ power button and home button together for 10 seconds till the iPhone turn off. After the iPhone has turned off it should boot back up with the Apple logo.

No Sound iOS8 Step 3

As with step 1 with some Apps causing the sound issues it is recommended uninstalling 1 App at a time until the sound / volume comes back. If certain Apps haven’t been updated for iOS8 or iOS9 platform it can cause compatibility issues which may also cause crashing of the iPhone. Uninstalling Apps can be done by pressing and holding on a App till it jiggles then press the X on the App. All Apps be be reinstalled later on by going into the App store download history.

No Sound iOS8 Step 4


If you iPhone was connected to any Bluetooth devices during the update this can cause some issues after the update with the iPhone thinking its still connected and won’t play sound through the speakers. There is a simple fix by turning your iPhones Bluetooth off or turn it on and off. This can be done by going into Settings > Bluetooth > Off.

If you are stilling running into walls with the sound / speaker problems there is a full article here with more methods and fixes. Also if you have tried any of these and have been successful please share your experience below as it all helps :D.


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  1. JicaJuice

    I used volmaster app for 99cents and have fixed my iPad and an iPhone by simply turning up the volume in this app. After that the device works again and I can resume using the device as normally. Somehow this app fixes the bug and for a dollar it’s worth it rather than waste my time troubleshooting.

  2. Susan Jones

    Apple support wanted $30 to tell me the same things you have here. After the iOS 9.0.2 update my phone wouldn’t play videos or any sound. Not even my ringer. Did a hard restart and now all is working well. Thanks!!

  3. Seenu GUpta

    None of the above options worked for me. I can hear the audio on earphones but not on loud speaker. I upgraded my Iphone 4S to IOS 9.2

  4. rml2218

    I have the same issue as Seenu with a iPhone 6 using iOS 9.0.2. I can hear the phone ring but not any audio playblack (movie, podcast etc) without earbuds. With earbuds sound works well.

  5. Shobana

    I have the same problem after upgrade my iPhone 6s to iOS 9.0.2. No sound for call or sms

  6. Mischell

    I turned off my Bluetooth and it seems to have fixed my sound issue. Thank You!!!

  7. Paul Stanley

    Had no sound on my iPhone after upgrading to iOS 9.1… Did the hard reboot you suggested and it worked! Thanks for posting this info. 🙂

  8. Ann

    After the iOS 9.1 update the sound on videos would not work through Google. Went to settings>Google>turned microphone ON. Fixed the problem.

  9. Toukir

    I heard any audio and video music by headphone. “My talking tom” sound by loud speaker but audio and video can’t heard by loudspeaker by i Phone 4s after ios 8.2. How can solved this?

  10. Berlic

    Turning off bluetooth or hard reset didnt work for me.
    I changed the switch function from orientation-lock to mute and switched it off an on – after that everything began to work.

  11. Shashi.

    The orientation lock to mute and back worked for my iPad. Thanks

  12. CjClark

    I have tried hard reset four times, has not fixed sound problems! Totally frustrated!

  13. hafiza hussain

    my sound has gone of as well I have tried everything reboot changing setting everything but it still hasent work its really frustrating

  14. Lida

    Hello, I totally lost sound YouTube, FB and all my podcasts. Did everything you suggested here but I still cannot get single sound out of my cell….grrrr can pls somebody help?

  15. Samantha

    Updated to 9.3.1 and now no sound (except with earphones) and cannot receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. Can only text. Tried all options above to fix and nothing is working. Very frustrating!! Any suggestions?!?!

  16. Cristina Chertes

    no sound for calls or txt after 9.3.1 upgrade. Above recommendations didn’t help. Waiting for more suggestions…Blah!

  17. Evgeny

    using the volume buttons up and down , check if it indicates “ringer” or “headphones”. I had a problem of not having sound after the upgrade, but it turned out that my headphone jack accumulated some dust and needed cleaning. Mine is fixed now

  18. Bill Gates

    Switching Orientation on and off restored my sound back on my Iphone4s

  19. Dennis

    Same problem….driving me crazy and phone is 3 weeks out of warranty. Any fixes?

  20. Louis Zeferjohn

    Hard reset fixed mine.

  21. Angela

    I found that my voice memos (recording) was on mute, it fixed all sounds.

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