No Sound on YouTube Videos – How to Fix

No Sound on YouTube Videos – How to Fix

If you have no sound on your YouTube videos it can be extremely frustrating if your trying to get your daily dose of videos. Some of these steps are very simple but more often than not they are the ones that will fix the issue.

No Sound on YouTube Videos Step 1


First things first is to ensure that the volume is turned up on your actual operating system whether it be Windows or OS X. This can be done by going into system preferences and checking the volume is turned up or by toggling the volume buttons on the keyboard. Another continuation step is to try playing videos on another service such as Vimeo or Facebook to see if you get sound playback on those services. From there you will be able to see if its YouTube or your system.

No Sound on YouTube Videos Step 2


Ensure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed to facilitate your browser to playback YouTube videos. If your using Chrome browser you will not need to do this step as it is installed already. It is also worth trying different browsers as there may be a temporary glitch that may be effecting playback.

No Sound on YouTube Videos Step 3


No Sound on YouTube Videos Step 3

This is one of those really obvious things that you tend to overlook like when you lose your glasses and they are on your head. When playing back a YouTube video hover your mouse over the volume slider to see if mute is on. If it is, simply slide that sucker back up and enjoy listening. I found this tends to happen when updating flash or just randomly it may occur as a glitch.

If your are still have sound issues you can read a full article with 10 methods on how to fix the sound issues. If any of these steps have helped, please share your experience below on how you fixed this issue as it all helps 😀

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    Adobe flash is not compatible with my iPhone 7

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