No Sound or Volume on Apple TV – How to Fix

No Sound or Volume on Apple TV – How to Fix

If you are having any issues or problems with audio coming from your TV while using Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation) there are some simple steps and solutions you can follow to resolve the sound problem. Some symptoms you may be coming across include no sound while playing movies, audio static, no sound on AirPlay or mirroring a device. You can follow the steps below to fix these issues.

No Sound or Volume on Apple TV – Step 1


With any third party device being connected to a Apple device for it to run, it is always recommended to troubleshoot the third party device first then move onto the Apple TV device. Troubleshooting your TV would include.

  • Check if the volume on your TV is turned up or the mute button has not been activated. Refer to the specific manual for your TV to change these settings.
  • Ensure there is a positive connections between your Apple TV, Television and also Home Theatre system if benign using. This would include checking all devices are connected and cables are secure and in the appropriate areas. Also to see if there is adequate power source to each device. Also check if the audio receiver is set to the Apple TV, check user manual for more details.
  • If none of these fixes or solutions fixed the sound problem, you can do a restart the Apple TV. This is very easily done by holding down the Menu & Down buttons together for 6 seconds or more. This will restart the Apple TV which may take a few minutes and hopefully eliminate any temporary glitches that may have occurred.

No Sound or Volume on Apple TV – Step 2


If you are using a third party home theatre system or optical digital audio port try connecting your television directly to the Apple TV with a HDMI cable. If this does not work to resolve the no sound problem you can change the audio output mode for the Apple TV

  • Using your Apple remote, select Settings > Audio & Video.
  • From there change the audio output setting from auto to 16bit.

Secondly you can turn off the Dolby Digital Out setting (if your television isn’t picking a signal it may be causing audio issues)

  • Using your Apple TV remote, select Settings > Audio & Video.
  • From there change the Dolby Digital Out setting from On to Off.

Hopefully some of these solutions and fixes have resolved the no sound or speaker issues for your Apple TV. If you have used any of these steps or have found another way of fixing this issues please share below as is all helps :D.




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  1. glen

    I plugged my Apple TV directly into the back of my TV I have the video picture but no sound. I have tried your solutions but still no sound. I am using a HDMI Cable from the Apple TV to the Digital Video Interface this is the only digital connection on my Samsung Model HLN567WX TV Any suggestions

  2. fiona

    I am having the same issue. this is frustrating!

  3. joyce

    same issue. Apple Support was not able to help. after connecting Apple TV, I can’t adjust TV volume. same issue with two different TVs and two different Apple TVs.

  4. kendra

    I am having the same problem — the odd thing is that I am using the same TV, cables, Apple TV, and Mac have been all used before. Just changed locations, back to an apartment and in a configuration where it worked before. Tried to setup and get no sound, but only on the Apple TV (DVDs are fine) — also no sound when navigating (and I checked the settings for Sound Effects as some have suggested — its on).

    I did just upgrade to ElCapitan on the Mac. Could that be it? Not sure what to do in that case.

  5. Marcco

    Same problem kendra. . . cleaned behind tv and replugged everything back in, except ATV4 needs to be reset (from iTunes) for some reason. I plugged my old ATV3 in. It worked yesterday, today didn’t work. Dvd works, but pic but no sound through ATV3 works. ITS A PAIN. . . I have to go PURCHASE a USB C wire (45 minutes to the Apple Store) to connect between my ATV4 and my MBP to access iTunes in order to reset and fix my ATV4. TIME CONSUMING! ! ! ! ! Anyone have a clue as to why ATV3 or 4 are not working???

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