No Sound Or Volume On iPhone7 iOS10 – How To Fix

With the introduction of the much anticipated and rumoured iPhone7/ iPhone7 Plus and iOS10, iPhone addicts are jumping for joy. However with the new introduction of these latest iPhones there are likely to be some sound/ volume/ audio issues as there is no headphone jack. So if you are experiencing no sound or volume on your iPhone7 we have some steps and methods below with will hopefully resolve this no sound issue.

Step 1

Even though you most likely just got the iPhone7 there is most probably a new update that has been released that may resolve the sound issues. In fact from the 29/09/2016 there is a new iOS update 10.0.2 which actually addresses some of the problems iPhone users were having with volume problems. You can simply update your iPhone by going into settings> general> software update.

iPhone7 no sound

Step 2

With any new product there are certain glitches that may occur and this can cause multiple problems such as blank screen, no volume or sound, frozen screen and so on. Thankfully there is a option for a restart of the iPhone which usually will fix all these problems. To restart the iPhone simply hold the home button and the power button together for 10 seconds till the the iPhone restarts.

iPhone7 no sound

Step 3

With the introduction of the new iPhone7, Apple have made a bold move and scrapped the traditional headphone jack. In doing this you now charge and listen to music thru the one lightening port. This can cause some sound and volume issues on the iPhone if this port is to get dirty or a build up of grime. To fix this you can clean the port with a toothbrush in a gentle manner. The reason for cleaning the port is that some times the dirt can block the connectors which can trick the iPhone that its connected to a speaker.

iPhone7 no sound

Step 4

Another iPhone7 sound fix is to check that the bluetooth isn’t connected to another device. Because of this audio will try and play thru another audio source instead of the iPhone. Simply go into settings and and turn of bluetooth and insure that it isn’t connected to another device or speakers.

iPhone7 no sound

Step 5

This step is usually overlooked but can be a super simple fix. If you look on the side of the iPhone7 you can see a toggle button that controls the mute/ sounds functions of the iPhone. If the toggle button shows a orange colour it is on mute mode. Simply flick toggle back to enable sound on iPhone 7

iPhone7 no sound



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