No Sound or Volume on Spotify – How to Fix

No Sound or Volume on Spotify – How to Fix

With Spotify gaining huge popularity across different devices it has become a new addition to the daily applications we use. As I live in a house with many other people it depends on how I will listen to Spotify. Sometimes problems occur when listening to headphones or bluetooth speaker then reverting back to laptop speakers. Also if listening on bluetooth then inserting headphones sound and audio problems can arise. So when or if Spotify stops sound or volume playback it can be a huge annoyance. Some symptoms you may come across on different devices such as Macs, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android include

  • No sound playback
  • Song playback is skipping
  • Will only start playing half way through a song
  • Static.

No Sound Volume on Spotify Step 1

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A very quick and easy fix for eliminating any temporary glitches is to simply exit the app turn it back on. This applies for Windows, Mac and even smart devices such as iPhones and Android Devices. If your using a Mac you will have to exit it in the dock by right clicking > Quit. This is a very simple fix but is usually the most effective.

No Sound Volume on Spotify Step 2

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In the Spotify applications insure that the internal volume slider is turned up, generally it is located on the bottom right and corner of the window. Also check that the hardware speakers are turned up or not on mute. If none of these steps work you can read these posts specific to sound issues on different devices.

No sound on Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

No Sound on Yosemite / Mac / MacBook

No Sound on iPhone

No Sound on Samsung Galaxy 

No Sound Volume on Spotify Step 3

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If your using multiple audio sources such as laptop speakers, bluetooth speakers or headphones. Ensure that bluetooth is off or disconnected when trying to playback through headphones or vice versa. You may have to try step 1 again once swapping between different audio sources.

If any of these steps have helped resolve your sound please share your experience below on how you did it as it all helps 😀


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