Samsung Galaxy No Sound or Speaker How to Fix

Samsung Galaxy No Sound or Speaker Problem/ Issues – How to Steps, Solutions, Fixes

If you have no sound on  or your sound has suddenly stopped your Samsung Galaxy  S / S2 / S3 / S4 / S5 / S6 / S6 Edge / Note and Note 2 it can be a huge annoyance as you most probably already know. Below you will find solutions and fixes that I have gathered and come up with. If you have any other solutions that have worked for you please share them below as it all helps.

The symptoms of Samsung Galaxy no sound Problem/ Issues include:

– Samsung Galaxy will ring but speaker will not work for anything else
– Samsung Galaxy  no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc
– Samsung Galaxy  as stuck in headphone mode

So how do we fix the Samsung smartphone sound and speaker problems?
Follow these steps and hopefully your Samsung Galaxy  will be back to its prior glory.

Samsung Galaxy  No Sound Step 1,

The silent/ vibrate switch is turned on, to check you can either use the drop down menu by simply sliding your finger from the top of the screen downwards. In the drop down menu you will find various options such as wi-fi, screen brightness and so on. Slide over to the button with the speaker icon and switch to loud mode. Another way is by going into the settings > sound > volume. Once your in that setting you can adjust the volume for music, ringtones and notifications.

galaxy no sound


Samsung Galaxy No Sound Step 2,

Restart the Samsung Galaxy. Hold onto the power button on the right side if the phone for 2 seconds, a prompt will come up to turn off device, airplane mode or restart device. Press the restart option and wait for the phone to restart, hopefully this will eliminate any glitches which may have been causing the problem.


Samsung Galaxy No Sound Step 3,

Insert your headphones into the headphone jack then take them out. Continue to do this for a couple of minutes as sometimes the phone tricks its self into thinking its in headphone mode. Also by doing this step you are likely to dislodge any dust or dirt build up that also may be causing this issue.


You can also watch this video with full list of solutions and fixes!

Samsung Galaxy No Sound Step 4,

Make sure your Samsung Galaxy has the latest software update, to check go into settings > about device > software update > check for updates. Download the most recent update for your phone if there is one. Depending on your carrier and device different updates will be released at various times.


More Steps


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  1. nitin KOkane

    unable to adjust volume while all sound is off. you turnon sound dy going to accessibility settings.

  2. nitin KOkane

    samsung s7392 unable to adjust volume while all sound is off. you turnon sound dy going to accessibility settings.

  3. Solution

    No sound in one ear for months, tried everything…decided to do a factory reset on the phone and now it works through both ears :)

  4. John

    Thanks for the guidance. Strangely I had tried most of these with no luck before I found your guide, but I went through them again and after a restart the sound is magically working again. Cheers!

  5. Barry

    I’ve tried all of these and others including tapping on the speaker, blowing air into the earphone jack, and more, including multiple hard resets and having Samsung re-flash my S4. I still have the intermittent problem of no sound on phone calls–the call connects, but neither party can hear. It happens on both inbound and outbound. Sometimes it will work through bluetooth, but sometimes it will not work with bluetooth, either headset or car system. It is infuriatingly intermittent, I never know if it will work or not, and it starts and stops seemingly at random. I’m giving up and getting a new phone.

  6. robert

    I just bought my phone not even a week,i was using it snd put in my pocket afterwards…then i suddenly realize the dpeaker is no longer working what ever on the setting..please send a reply,just to let you im a samsung guy!

  7. P Lloyd

    My phone was a gift from my husband does not work….I have no sound on calls and when I press speaker button the othe person no longer hears the sound.
    I have called 4 times and sat with people who do not know what I am talking about.
    After removing battery 5 times and putting earplugs in nothing changed…aske 8 times if I got my phone wet or dropped it I replied each time no….10 minutes would lapse and s person would return and ask all the same questions which ar on you klick boards….but no answer changed and no information was give, on man two day ago tol me to remove GOGoogle…I never singed up for it so I have trouble deleting something I did not download…what can I do my phone is new and I need it. How cac I resolve this ?

    Thank you,
    Patty Lloyd 310-995-0957. Or 310-275-6348

  8. hector e

    open the case on the back and play with the speaker press it around , it work it for me =)

  9. kat

    The step that worked for me was cleaning out the charging port at the bottom of the phone with a little brush! Thanks for these tips.

  10. twoshedds

    Here’s a dumb one – I had accidently switched on my Bluetooth ear piece while it was in my pocket. I had audio on phone speaker and no system sounds. Doh!

  11. Lester Martin

    Here is a successful outcome for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sound issue (or lack of it).
    1. Go to ‘settings’ and select ‘ACCESSIBILITY’. 2. Under ‘CATEGORIES’ check that ‘HEARING’ is unticked. 3. If isn’t, unticking it should fix your lack of sound issue. Good luck!!! Lester Martin, Canberra. 16 May 2015.

  12. Barry

    Guaranteed fix for Samsung Galaxy sound problems:
    1. Throw away your expensive, worthless piece of junk that neither Samsung nor your wireless provider will support.
    2. Buy a new phone.
    It worked for me!

    Samsung’s local repair office couldn’t fix my phone–in fact they screwed it up worse by ‘reflashing’ it. T-Mobile, like all the other providers I’ve been reading about, will not support this failure unless you paid extra for an extended warranty. None of these companies know what the problem is, and none of them can fix it. None of the methods posted online worked on my phone: tapping on speakers, step-by-step removing/replacing SIMs and Memory cards, various methods of restarting, factory reset, Samsung re-flashing the memory, changing many, many settings, and more. A cell phone that won’t make or receive phone calls is worthless, even if it’s intermittent.

    When my wife called in an emergency and the phone didn’t work it was the last straw.

  13. Trina

    My sound keeps going out on my galaxy s6…I have to keep restarting my phone. This is my second phone and the same problem keeps occurring…no one seems to know what the problem is.

  14. Good Fella

    Wow, thank you so much! I have a Note 4. I got a fairly new tooth brush with stiff bristles I pushed the bristles into the holes of the ear speaker and now it works perfectly. You saved me a great deal of hassle and time so thanks again.

  15. B C

    I havent been able to hear sound from my earpiece for about a week. Came here and used solution #3. BOOM all is well. Ty!!!!

  16. Ray

    The reset worke . Thanks

  17. carol

    none of these worked i played with the volume and took off the back it came on magic

  18. Molly Larkby

    The restrain one is the one I found helped the most

  19. shenedra boykin

    I have a Samsung galaxy mega and I get no sound through the loud speaker. I replaced it and I still have no sound. Help please. Thanks

  20. Syed Waqar

    my S4 also have sound prob but my set also hangs when this happens plz help if anyone knows hows to solve it plz helpp

  21. JK

    Galaxy S6 no sound for music, videos, etc. Go to settings – Sounds and notifications – Volume – make sure Media volume is on

  22. Jerome

    Pressing on the speaker worked for me…had the phone 2 days and I couldn’t hear or talk during calls…saved me a trip to tmobile..Thanks

  23. Tiffany Burnett

    My speaker is not working and I just got my galaxy yesterday!
    Idk how to fix it and it needs to be really badly!?!

  24. Ihab

    My New Samsung note edge has a sound problem where randomly the sound decides to not work, the sound indicator icon in the notification center says that the sound is on, but there is no sound when I watch a you tube video, a recorded video, or a video on Facebook and now even if i play games.
    All completely randomly, sometime yes and sometime no.
    I have the 5.01 version
    The note edge is great but i am not pleased of my purchase because of this annoying problem.

  25. Gloria Dirisu

    just got my s6. no sound at all. Not ringing out, cant hear when i pick a call and can hear music or video

  26. kinny

    Yay. It was the firmware update that worked for me! I was losing hope thru options 1-3. Thank you original poster.

  27. binatc

    Thanks. The headphone jack did the trick.

  28. Imran

    Ma i will chang the setting soun will active 10 minutes after same position

  29. JBoss

    For the s6 Turn off the wi-fi!!!

  30. bill

    Happening for months now. Tried the headphones trick for a while then restarting then factory resetting and these fixes only work temporarily. S4 is the worst phone ever! I miss so many calls but the worst is trying to listen to music and it’s impossible.

  31. Jurielmago

    Thanks for your help but my sound of my phone still not working

  32. fishingguy386

    Toothbrush on charging port did the trick for me. Did it for about a min. Also. I put the charger in the port. And moved it around gently too. Either way. Phone works perfect now.

  33. Mandy

    My phone is giving same problem. I went back to shop and he suggested a factory reset. I did this worn get hassle and few lost info and contacts! Bit within couple of days instead of loosing sound completely or buzzed like TV interference! So back to the drawing board and doing a complete shut down before restarting phone as normal restart does not sort it out.

  34. Loveasia

    I was beginning to think it was the result of me dropping my (encased) phone. Have dropped before, not too often but hadn’t had any problem.

    Tried a different youtube video, made sure volume up, not still on Bluetooth, reset all before coming to this page. (Was getting sound from headphones and Bluetooth speaker.) Settings we’re fine and no small brush so decided to try blowing into headphone jack, nothing. Did the same to charging port and am back in business. Thanks.

  35. Michele

    Thanks very much, the hairdryer resovled the probrem. Very grateful.

  36. Kingkoy

    hai everyone, i need your help, the problem of my phone (galaxy grand prime) is that it always shows “earphone connected” though there is no earphone inserted on it. I cannot use it in playing music via its speaker. Plese suggest what is the best thing to do. thank you.

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