Sound and Speaker Is Not working on iPod Touch How To Fix

Sound Is Not working on iPod Touch – How to Fix

After writing the post on the iPhone sound issues and fixes it occurred to me that there may also be some sound problems with the iPod and iPod Touch ranges from Apple. As it turned out there are similar problems and issues with the speaker and sound on the iPod Touch.

Since the iPod Touch and the iPhone are such similar products the fixes and solutions are pretty much the same. Below you will find out how to fix the sound and speaker issues on the iPod Touch and the iPod.

Step 1

This one s the most simplistic solution and usually the most overlooked one. Open the music player app or if you have an updated iOS you can also slide up from the bottom up.  Once this is done ensure that the device is not on mute and the sound is turned up. To test play a few songs or even a YouTube video as the music files might be broken.

Step 2

With this step you want to unplug the headphones from the headphone jack to make sure there is nothing inserted. Then you want to inspect the headphone jack port to insure there is not dirt or grime that may be lodged in there. Also look for any signs of damage or anything that looks out of place. If there is dirt or debris you can remove it by using a q-tip or blowing in the headphone jack to remove any of the dust. This is done as sometimes it tricks the iPod Touch into thinking its in headphone mode.

Step 3

This is similar to the above method but instead you want to follow the same the steps but apply it to the docking area or charging area of your iPod Touch or iPod. If there is any debris or dirt remove it as it can cause the iPod Touch into thinking its on a music dock and will not play sound through the headphones or speaker.

Step 4

There may be a glitch on the iPod Touch so simply restart the device by holding down the sleep/ wake button and the home button in sync for 10 seconds. The screen should cut off and the Apple logo will appear. You will not loose any data doing this step.

Step 5

With this step you want to close all apps that are in progress, simply double tap the home button and you will see the icons that are in use. If you are using an older iOS hold on to any of the app icons and you will see them jiggle with a red button. Tap all the red buttons on the apps to close. If using an up to date iOS do the same step and slide the apps up to close.

Step 6

Finally you want to connect your iPod to iTunes and check for any updates that may have been released as it may have been a software issue. While your on iTunes you can also restore your iPod device. Ensure the iPod is backed up as this is a full reset and you will lose all data.

Hope this helps fox your iPod Touch sound and speaker problems. If any of these solutions have worked or if you have tried something different then please share 😀


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  1. Chell

    What should i do my ipod 4ryh gen speaker sometime not working .. Everytime i play youtube an music sometimes working sometime not ..

  2. Claire

    None of these worked😭 My iPod 5gen speaker stop working yesterday and all you can hear is nothing or beeeeeeeeeeee please help😪😭💦

  3. Me

    Have u fixed it yet?!?! Mines not working

  4. justme

    my ones sound is not workin on normal app.
    but when using apps made by apple,it works nomally.
    so what now? just use apps made by apple only..?

  5. Hi

    I tried these and it still doesn’t work

  6. Oliver

    Thx I rested my iPod touch 6th gen and worked

  7. Yuko Sk

    it’s no use!
    I can’t get it to work on any sound apps and it does work with the headphones on… it this broken? di i have to take it to get it fixed??

  8. Abbey

    This is not working at all!!😭

  9. hyunsu

    me either
    works only on apps by apple.
    music plays perfectly
    i enjoy garage band
    but when operating normal apps
    it becomes mute

  10. Hobo123321

    thanks bro you fixed it

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