Sound and speaker not working with YouTube on iPhone or iPad how to fix

Sound and speaker not working with YouTube on iPhone or iPad how to fix

With YouTube being one of the most used apps and websites on the iPhone and iPad it can be very frustrating when your sound/ speaker/ headphones decide not to work.  Below you will find some steps that may help you resolve this sound and speaker issue.

Step 1

This one is very simple but I think everyone makes this mistake at some point when owning a iPhone or iPad. Look to the exterior of the iPhone/ iPad and you will find a toggle button which goes back and forth. Simply switch it off silent mode and insure that the volume is turned up on the iPhone and within the YouTube video as well.

Step 2

Another step is by deleting the YouTube app then reinstalling, this may eliminate any temporary glitch that may have occurred.  Also before you reinstall the app check for both updates in the App store for the YouTube app and also in your setting to see if there is a new iOS update.

Step 3

Also a step you can do is restarting the iPhone/ iPad by holding the home and lock button together for 10 seconds which will result in a restart that my eliminate any glitch that could be on the device. When you restart this will not lose any data, contacts, apps etc.

Step 4

Instead of using the YouTube app you could alternatively use the web browser option using safari, Google chrome etc.

If you have tried any of these solutions or fixed please share your experience as it all helps, thanks!




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  1. Johel Miah

    I couldn’t hear any videos or you tube videos, after step 1, my iPhone 6s sound on YouTube and other video apps were normal 👍

  2. James

    Also make sure you’re not charging on a USB port that is grabbing your audio like in a car with the radio off!

  3. Snowmis

    YouTube volume still too low

  4. Fazzette

    When ever I do step 2 it does it over again. >:( im going to try the other ones but if they dont work UGH

  5. Lori

    You’re brilliant. I was charging in the car and it wasn’t picking up on the speakers so that never occurred to me. Thanks!!

  6. Ty

    Same here man, did u fix it? If you did let me know

  7. Dezman

    Do Number 1. Then Simply go to settings, allow YouTube to use your mic. Problem solved. It is loud and clear!

  8. Gert-Jan

    IT was step 1. Thank you so much. I almost give the phone a reset…..

  9. Delphine Pinon (@delphinepinon)

    I have no sound on youtube player (not the app). I’ve done all steps with no luck. Any other good tip to share?

  10. Megan

    When I’m trying to use Youtube kids app I can not use my wireless headset. Once I hit the search button on YouTube the wireless stops working. Please help!

  11. Kevin

    Hi Megan, I have exactly the same problem. I bought the Bluetooth Lilgadgets headsets for my 2 kids which worked perfectly. However, when they did a microphone search on YouTube for Kids, it switched to the iPad external speaker even though the headphones are still connected via Bluetooth. All other apps (e.g. Netflix, etc) and games play through the headphones. I’ve raised a support email with Lilgadgets but might do the same with YouTube.

  12. Amanda Dowse

    I’m having the exact same problem with the kids you tube app and wireless headset.

  13. Matt Rycroft

    Same problem over here, driving us mad.

  14. Lino

    step 1 did work for me…I was a bit worried as since morning I couldn’t hear any soundtrack …thought my phone might be corrupted..
    Thanks for the info

  15. Riyad

    My iphone speaker is ok.but i cant get sound from youtube video,music,video from my iphone 4 speaker.its sound icon show invisible.but when i add headphone its visible and i get sound in headphone.whats the solution.

  16. Janu

    Step 3 helped me. thank you.

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