where to buy cheap used iPhones using craigslist and gumtree

Where to buy cheap used iPhones using craigslist and gumtree.

With a new iPhone being released on a yearly basis it is very easy and quick for your current iPhone to feel like its ancient. If you have the budget to fork out cash every year or few months that’s great but if your on a budget it makes things a bit harder.  So there are options out there to buy cheaper iPhone’s, Samsung, HTC and so on.  So straight off the bat the big players here are eBay, craigslist and gumtree.

When buying off eBay insure you read the description in full and make sure there are no faults with the iPhone or smartphone. Also look for any cosmetic damage as that is usually a sign for internal damage. Another important thing to do is look the sellers history, usually the more transactions the better. This is not always true as the person may only be buying item so look out for items the person has sold in the past. You can purchase cheap iPhones from Craigslist, while purchasing coupons from rebateszone to get a discount on your order.

When looking to buy on craigslist or gumtree similar rules apply, if the item has lots of photos and a good description it is usually a good sign. As usual you want to look for any cosmetic damage as they normally sell very cheaply. If you don’t mind the odd scratch then you may be able to find a good deal. If you do have any questions just ask the seller, if it sounds to good to be true it most probably isn’t. Since craigslist and gumtree usually work on a pick up system ( never pay for a item without seeing it! ) there are a few things to do when you go to see the iPhone/ smartphones. First is to remove the case and asses if there is any damage, insure the iPhone is on so you can check the responsiveness, sound, signal and also if the wi-fi works. Another god tip is to take a charger and plug it in to see if it charges ok.  Also since you are meeting up with strangers, make it a good location and don’t be pressured to buy anything.

Hope this has helped, happy buying!

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