Facebook videos have no sound on iPhone or iPad How to Fix

Facebook videos have no sound on iPhone or iPad How to Fix

More often that not when your watching videos on Facebook the sound seems to not play at times. Thankfully there are easy fixes for these no sound and speaker problems.

Step 1

The first step and generally the most overlooked one is to ensure that the silent/ loud toggle button on the side of the device is switched to the loud mode.

If the toggle is showing and orange colour then it is on silent so just flick that the other way. Once it is switched on to loud mode you then want to turn up the volume from the side buttons or from the side up menu.

Step 2

Sometimes there will be a glitch in the Facebook app so you will have to exit the app. Double tap on the home button which will show the apps running in the background. Once you come across the Facebook app slide it up or hold and press the red x if running later that iOS8.

Step 3

Similar to the above step this may eliminate any glitch that is causing the sound and speaker problems. This fix seems to be very successful. So you want to restart the iPhone/ iPad by holding the home and lock screen buttons together for 10 seconds and more. The device will turn off and restart within 30 seconds. This will NOT remove any data, phots etc.

Step 4 

Another good step is to delete the Facebook App and reinstall, before you reinstall the app check for updates in the app store and also if there is a new iOS.

If any of these fixes or solutions have worked for you please share your experience as it all helps, Thanks!


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  1. esbrush

    Just turning it on and off fixed it, thanks

  2. Debbie McDowell

    I have to power off the phone…………then for a brief interval the FB volume works. My volume settings are always on loud…….

  3. Paul

    This is obviously an issue which either Apple or Facebook or both have failed to address. Frankly you shouldn’t have to do anything to fix it. It should work. full stop. Get you acts together and make it happen. I’ve tried using it and it’s rubbish. Either there is no sound or the sound doesn’t work in sync with the video. It’s awful!

  4. Jun

    There is a sound on calls but no sound on my youtube and other media in my iphone 6. How to resolve this?

  5. Aziz

    The restart approach worked. Thank You!

  6. Rianna

    I have to turn my phone off and back on every time I try to watch a video. Frustrating!

  7. Diane Elefante

    No sound only when not connected to wifi. How do I fix?

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